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Military Storage In Transit

If you are a government agency, business, or military unit that needs to relocate your personnel or employees, call our experienced team of relocation specialist.  Southside Moving and Storage works with Norfolk Naval Air Station, Langley Fort Eustis, Fort Lee, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, and Fort Lee.  We help move military and government personnel throughout the United States.  Our experienced relocation specialists are able to handle every move from local to interstate, or from a few items to large homes or offices. 

For military and government personnel that are changing duty stations, and have to vacate their current residence without a destination address, we offer storage in transit services in our secure military approved warehouse

If your new place is not ready for move in and you are in need of short term storage or SIT.  Southside Moving and Storage will place your packed household goods in our storage containers inside of our secure warehouse.  Your household goods will remain in our warehouse until you contact our relocation specialists to arrange for delivery. 

  • Security monitored warehouse with closed circuit Cameras
  • Our warehouse is equipped with smoke detectors and heat sensors for fire safety and prevention
  • All household goods in our warehouse is inventoried and tracked with our warehousing and storage software
  • Short Term storage in transit solutions
  • Long Term Warehousing and Storage Solutions
  • Military Approved and Inspected Warehouse
  • Fair and competitive rates

Southside Moving and Storage provides local and long distance moving and storage services.  We specialize in residential moving, commercial moving, government moving, and military moving and storage.  No move is too large or too small.  We service all of Hampton Roads, to include Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Southside Moving and Storage understands that the need for warehousing and storage services is not unique to residential customers. All supply chains have at least some need for freight or products to be staged, stored, and delivered.  Clients who have a need for warehousing and storage services aren't in that situation accidently necessarily. Most customers with warehousing storage needs have those needs as part of their business design.

 Southside Moving and Storage consistently provides reliable and full service warehouse logistics solutions for all of our customers in Hampton Roads.  Our full-service fulfillment warehouse and distribution service is custom-tailored to meet our customers’ needs. Further, our commitment to 24-hour 7 day a week service and flexibility helps us get the job done, no matter the size.  Southside Moving and Storage makes the safe storage and delivery of your goods our number one goal. 

We provide flexible storage solutions including racked, floor storage and cross dock distribution. Shrink wrap, repack service, picking, and packing, are our specialty.

We also provide our customers with complete trucking services throughout the country.  In case you need to get your products to their destination in as little time as possible, we also provide rush delivery.  Our warehousing and storage service is committed to getting your shipments delivered on time every time.

Our well-trained staff is skilled in cross dock distribution to assure the safe transport of your goods from one location to another. Whether shipments arrive by truck transport, van, or railway, your goods and materials are safe with Southside Moving and Storage Warehouse and Delivery services. We always have your bottom line in mind and can work with any budget.  We pride ourselves on having quality docking equipment, safe operations, and in providing better efficiency than any other full service warehousing and delivery company.  We offer thorough transportation logistics from start to finish until your order is safely brought into our docks.

  • Premium commercial storage and warehouse management solutions
  • Security monitored warehouse with closed circuit Cameras
  • Our warehouse is equipped with smoke detectors and heat sensors for fire safety and prevention
  • All goods in the warehouse is inventoried and tracked with our warehousing and storage software
  • Short Term and Long Term Warehousing Solutions
  • Dock Services
  • Full service Logistics

We are customer-centric and committed to customer retention. Thank you for visiting our website and for considering warehousing services with Southside Moving and Storage. 

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Providing Warehousing and Storage solutions for Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Virginia, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Newport News, and Hampton Virginia

Government Moving

Government Moving Services

Roving Industries LLC DBA Southside Moving and Storage is a full service government and commercial moving and storage company.  Southside Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured.  Our headquarters is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Our Virginia Beach location has been providing government moving and storage services for the Hampton Roads area for over ten years.  We also work with government prime contractors that need moving and storage services.  We specialize in commercial moving/office moving.  

Southside Moving and Storage has an Office in Richmond Virginia.  The Richmond location provides commercial moving and office relocation  services in the Richmond Metropolitian Area, and Northern Virginia.  Our movers are professionally trained and comitted to providing excellent commercial and office moving services.  We have an experienced team of commercial move and office move managers.  Southside Moving and Storage commercial and office move managers will help plan your move from start to finish, paying attention to every detail to ensure a successful commercial move or office relocation.     

Commercial Office Moving Services

  • Internal Office Move 
  • Building to Building Relocation
  • Disassemble and Reassemble Cubicles and Modular Furniture
  • Office Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Short Term and Long Term Government Storage Solutions
  • Local and Long Distance Office Relocation 
  • Educational/Library Relocation
  • Medical Laboratory Relocation
  • Military Moving Solutions

Socio-Economic Certifications

  • Small Business
  • Women Owned Small Business
  • Service-Disabled Owned Small Business

Past Performances 

  • Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  • City of Suffolk Public Schools
  • Hampton University
  • Norfolk State University
  • University of Virginia
  • United States Agency for International Development
  • Kratos Defense and Security Solutions
  • Solenis
  • QED Systems
  • GSA, Office of Congressional & Intergovernmental Affairs

 NAICS Codes

  • 424110 General Freight, Trucking
  • 424122 General Freight, Long Distance
  • 484210 Used Household Goods, Office Moving
  • 488991 Packing and Crating
  • 493110 General Warehouse & Storage

      DUNS 061128865      CAGE 7LM64


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Senior Moving Services

When one becomes older, one also becomes wiser. So why then are possessions accumulated for decades just tossed aside carelessly when elders move homes? This may because their children are busy, and moving day becomes a Saturday afternoon while the children are at the babysitters'. Also, for many seniors who do not have children, moving homes whether into a smaller residence or an assisted living facility, can be a nightmare. It can be difficult when younger friends are too busy to help or do not have any experience with moving. Items can be lost, broken, or even stolen without using a proper senior relocation service.

Our senior moving company will treat elders' treasured possessions as they need to be treated. There is no need to worry that a fragile package will be mishandled or crushed along the journey to a new residence. Our team will be there with the senior as support from start to finish. We have a take charge attitude that only benefits our clients by helping them know that their belongings are in good care. We listen carefully to our clients so that they get the kind of service they deserve.

Senior movers recognize that older adults have special needs and interests. They might not the mobility that they previously possessed, so we are able to assess this situation before arrival. We will ask guided questions and work with the senior and family to ensure that heavy items find their rightful place in the new home. We can also move items down to the garbage area that need disposing of, or help the senior move these items to a charity.

Senior Moving

Senior moving can be an emotional and confusing time for some elder people. They might worry about what their new life will look like, and some might be completely resistant to the idea of leaving their old home behind. That is why our movers are specially selected for their patience and understanding in taking time to address the concerns of the client. We have seen many reluctant seniors find a fresh start in a new living arrangement, and are happy to share our experiences with the client. This is the type of service that can be expected from a outfit that specializes in working with a very specific population.

Senior movers understand that possessions do not always just go to one location. We are happy to arrange routes to family homes to designate certain belongings to various members. Don't be afraid to make a detailed plan for various belongings and share it in advance with the movers. We will take detailed records of special requests and ensure that the clients' wishes are enacted from start to finish. After all, moving is a group project that entails a lot of picking and sorting. Not every space is the same size, but we will help you find a place for everything in the end.

Our rates are comparable to any other local service, but our advantage is that we cater to a niche market. Usually an elder only moves once near the end of life, so this is an important time to arrange possessions in a satisfactory manner. That is why we pride ourselves on our special service. We aim to make this one move be the last move for the elderly person as we recognize how much goes into the process. Some people have a very hard time with change and this is understandable. But if this transition can provide a better quality of life for the person in the end, then it is a worthwhile move.

Our senior relocation service has personalized reviews on our website, so make sure you check out what other people have been saying about us. We care greatly about our customer service and always welcome feedback from all our clients. We have a great reputation because wonderful people like yourself have given us a chance. So go with a company that has learned from the best- our clients. We welcome you to e-mail us if you have any questions about our service or would like a general quote. Please call us at the number listed under our contacts and we will get back to you within 24 hours if the line is busy. Thank you for visiting our site.


Residential Movers

Serving all of Hampton Roads & Beyond. We are here to help


Commercial Movers

We are a Leader in Business and Office Relocation Services.


Storage Services

We offer Home & Business Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

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