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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 19:05

Commercial Warehousing and Storage in Virginia Beach

Written by Marcus
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If you've a business that has to deal with a lot of logistics and goods in the Virginia Beach, and Norfolk Virginia, you would need a good warehouse in Hampton Roads. They are where you would store your goods to ensure faster processing times and better accuracy. It's not just traders, manufacturers or importers who should be looking at warehouses though - most businesses may have a need for commercial warehouses at one time or the other.

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 You do have different warehouses for different kinds of goods. A warehouse for edible goods and one for raw materials wouldn't be the same. Based on the product that you are dealing with, your requirement of a warehouse would differ.

What is commercial warehousing?

 Commercial warehouses are where you store goods. The equipment one needs will depend on the company that owns and runs the warehouse and on the products that they offer to store.

 For example, a warehouse that stores edible products will need large refrigerators, or cold storage, and will be greatly different in its management style from a warehouse that serves as a place to store garments.

 Before you choose a commercial warehouse in Norfolk Virginia or Virginia Beach for your goods, you must consider your needs.

 - Are you getting in a huge volume of imports?

 - Will commercial logistics play an important role?

 - Do you need to ensure that your goods move in and out in a short span of time?

 These are just some of the questions that you need an answer to before you select which Hampton Roads commercial warehousing to go for. At the end of the day, you need a commercial warehouse in Hampton Roads that will provide you with excellent services at minimum costs.

 Is commercial warehousing the right choice?

 For any business today, time is money. Commercial warehouses ensure storage of goods in a safe way, at minimum costs. You get quicker availability of stored goods and can manage the logistics better.

 The Other Advantages

 You get a better control over your stock and can monitor your inventory levels whenever you want.

- Some of them might even offer an online inventory system, so that you can view which product you want, place your request faster and have the goods delivered when you want.

- Some premium ones also provide crating and unpacking services for their clients so that they can get the right product at the right time. This can save a lot of time.

Benefits of commercial warehousing

 There are more than 900,000 people employed in the commercial warehousing industry today in the United States. It can help your business in different ways, even if you do not have to deal with logistics and goods on a daily basis.

 Here is a look at the benefits of commercial warehousing.

1. Packing of your goods:

You need to pack different types of goods differently. If you do not pack the goods while storing them, or if you pack them incorrectly, they can get damaged.

You will be surprised at the complicated packaging styles these warehouses can offer for your products, enhancing their life, and ensuring the safety of your goods.

2. Inventory monitoring

 Monitoring the inventory is a major hassle for any company and selecting the right commercial warehouse for your goods will help you get rid of this task.

 Good warehouses offer inventory monitoring while storing your goods. This ensures the safety of your products in the warehouse and also helps you keep track of the movement of goods and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business to help it grow and flourish.

3. Security

Choosing the right commercial warehousing can add an extra layer of security to managing your goods. Your goods are one of the most important assets for your company and need to be treated with care if you want to grow.

Commercial warehouses are aware of the important goods that they are storing for your company and will never compromise on the security of your goods.

Southside Moving and Storage provide warehousing services in Norfolk Virginia and Virginia Beach.  Our warehouses hire employees who have undergone extensive and strict background screenings and employ top level software and technology to provide you with the security that you need. You can be assured of receiving the best professional behavior from the employees and confidentiality as well.

 4. Delivery service

Some business needs their products to be delivered in small batches while others may need one hefty delivery. For a good warehouse, this shouldn’t be a problem as they would easily have all the tools, equipment and employees to carry out such different delivery requests from their clients.

They are highly flexible and can easily accommodate your varying needs, whether you want everything delivered at once or in small amounts in several runs.

5. Renovating and relocating

 Renovation and relocation are a frequent need these days. And having a good commercial warehouse looking after your needs can help you balance the extreme challenges that these two will have on your goods.

 While you are relocating, or getting your workplace renovated, you will have to relocate. Commercial warehouses could be your answer.

 6. Grow your business

 As a business grows, it needs more space to install its heavy machinery and other equipment, and that would mean lesser space to store its goods.

Commercial warehouses can help provide the space to store your finished goods thereby taking away one major pain of yours - the problem of where to store your goods as the demand for your product and area needed for further production increase. In this way, they offer growing businesses with much-needed support.

7. Variations as per your need

 Not all businesses are the same, and as someone running a business, you would definitely agree. One of the advantages of having a commercial warehouse is that you can get the specific service that your business might need.

For example, if you run a grocery store, then you will frequently need cross-dock or tail gate deliveries. Commercial warehousing can help you meet all the needs of your business.

8. Reduce your business costs

Sure you could avoid using the services of a commercial warehouse and stock up your own inventory. However, that would mean hiring more employees to keep a watch, losing out on space because of all the goods that you are storing and continuously keeping a record of the inflow and outflow of goods.

 Not only will this put more burden on you and your employees but also drive up costs and you lose out on space as well. In contrast, when you store your goods in a commercial warehouse, you get the specialists involved in keeping a close watch on your inventory and goods movement and also free up more space.

And you get all this at very low prices that further reduce your costs and increase your chances of selling more products.

9. No Transportation Hassles

Warehousing and transportation go hand-in-hand and several commercial warehousing facilities now work in close co-operation with transportation providers so that their clients have the flexibility to successfully handle order changes and also reduce costs. And all this happens in real time. With transportation being such a major factor, knowing that it being taken well care of by the experts will be a relief to the business owners.

10. Competitive prices

Every business owner knows the advantages of commercial warehousing. You get all the necessary help regarding the safe storage of your goods and all the benefits listed above.

However, the best part is that you get all of these services at unbelievably low prices. With growing expertise and development of the warehouses across the world, every commercial warehouse is doing everything necessary to make itself look better than the others.

And the competition is tough out there. When you are getting such advantages and that too at reasonably low prices, why would you ever increase the pressure on yourself and your employees by storing the goods yourself?! Go to a commercial warehouse, enjoy their services and focus on the core aspects of your business.


Commercial warehousing certainly deserves the importance that business houses give it.

In a world where you need to continuously innovate to retain your clients, the last thing you would want to focus on is your stock that is manufactured but waiting to be sold.

Have you thought about using commercial warehouse storage yet?


Southside Moving and Storage has state of the art warehouses located in Norfolk Virginia, and Virginia Beach.  We provide warehousing and storage solutions throughout Hampton Roads Virginia. 


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