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Moving from one place to another can be a very challenging undertaking and experience for everyone involved. In fact, these moves can even become even more complicated when the family has to relocate to another city, state or country instead of one that is in a local or nearby surrounding area. Fortunately, long distance moves do not have to be tackled alone, especially since they can be done by professional Norfolk Va. long distance movers who have the expertise, skills and the experience to do these moves with the utmost accuracy, ease and in a timely manner.

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With that being said, it is very important that people who are tasked with making these kinds of relocations become familiar with the services offered by these professional Norfolk Virginia moving companies. So, for those of you who have an interest in the kind of moving services that these Norfolk interstate moving company specialists provide, here are some the key services along with a brief description of each.

Pack and Unpack Services and cross country moving company Solutions

As previously stated, moving from one place to another can be very challenging. So, it is very important that those who are involved in these types of challenging circumstances make sure that they are planned well in advance. More importantly, the family should make sure that they avoid waiting until the last minute to make these kinds of plans.

Typically, after securing the date and the time of the move, one of the first steps in this type of move is to contact a Norfolk Va. long distance moving company to schedule their services. In fact, these Norfolk moving companies will need the date, time and the from and to locations involved. Once this information has been provided, the family member that is in charge of making these arrangements will need to provide the moving company’s representatives with the type of moving services that they will need on these dates. In specific, the person may start off by scheduling a date and time that the Norfolk moving company’s moving specialists can assist with packing and unpacking the home. Based on the services requested, these teams can pack up everything including all of the small items and large furniture pieces that will need to be transferred from one location to another.

Onsite and Offsite Storage Solutions

In addition to packing and unpacking all of the items inside of the home, these Norfolk moving companies can also offer storage arrangements and the associated accommodations too. Since some relocations may be permanent, while others are not, the needs can vary per client that the moving company deals with. For instance, some of the items in the home may need to be moved into a nearby Norfolk Va. self-storage facility instead of moving them to the new long distance location. Therefore, the Norfolk moving company’s team that shows up can make these distinctions when they arrive or preferably prior to. The Norfolk self-storage solution provided may be on the long distance moving company’s site or it may be in a different location. Either way, the family can benefit greatly from the services offered if there is a need for additional storage capabilities.

Moving Supplies

Another essential service that people can benefit greatly from involves the supplies needed to make the move. Even though some homeowners may elect to secure all of the supplies themselves before the moving day, others may choose to utilize moving supplies that have been provided by the Norfolk moving company. The supplies needed are virtually the same and are usually common based on the family and their specific needs. Some of the more notable include lots of small and large boxes, tape, scissors, labels for the boxes, wrapping paper to protect delicate items and the like. All of which and more are often needed in order to make a successful move.


Norfolk Long distance movers offer a number of different moving services to the customers that they assist. The moving services offered can also vary from one family to another so people will need to specify which ones will be needed well in advance. Some of the more common services that families usually need access to include the use of

the Norfolk moving company's packing and unpacking services, storage solutions and their moving supplies. Each of which can be scheduled prior to the day of the long-distance move. 


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