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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 13:31

Military Movers, Government Moving Company

Serving in the military and government employees is a truly noble and selfless act, but it's not without its own share of unique challenges. All kinds of military personnel, whether new recruits, seasoned military pros and everyone in-between may be at a loss when given notice of a military relocation. How does one move with the strategic efficiency? Check out some of our excellent military moving tips below: 

Military Movers



1. Military Moving Expenses

First time military movers may be confused as to what military expenses are actually covered and which ones are not. Well, here's a clear example for you. When you are given a direct notice of a military move, it's understood that they will cover all of your expenses. This means housing, flights, hiring military movers, supplies, etc. will be covered by the military. The expense should be somewhere in the range of the number of individuals in your family household, but there's no strict ceiling for how much the military will pay for. As long as the costs are within reasonable range (moving distance, family size, etc), the military will shoulder everything. 

2. Packing For A Military Move

Moving for military purposes is much like moving because of personal reasons, but with certain restrictions. It is of utmost importance that you should label all the boxes you'll be moving with. Labelling is required in order to keep efficiency at its highest. You will know which boxes go to which rooms as soon as you step down from the moving truck. Put all the essential stuff in one box, i.e, your children's blanket and basic toiletries. 

Most branches in the military forbid the moving of weapons, alcohol or any other contraband. Time is also of the essence, since the government contractors are hired for a specific time period only. If you will be moving with pets or have your own vehicle, inform your commanding officer of the additional arrangements. The typical military move should consist of about 2 moving transportation, including moving crates for your house pets. 

Here are some more moving tips: 

Take a snapshot. Do an inventory of everything you own. Should you need to file for a claim, you have photographic evidence. 

Make a 1st day box. The First Day Box should have everything you and your family need to get through the first day of settling in your new home. Pack in some towels, a shower curtain, paper towels and toilet paper for example. Don't forget your children's favorite toys. 

Aim for a fresh start. Leave the old things behind. Don't forget to wash and clean the house before leaving. You should also make some time to clean the new kitchen and the bathroom as they will be the first to be used as you move in. 

3. Military Housing

The great thing about military-mandated moving is that they will cover all your housing needs and expenses such as appliances, furniture, etc as you move to a new home in a new city. They will also respect your choice if you wish to rent or buy a different home altogether. Doing this won't get you qualified under military housing, but you are still eligible to receive discounts and benefits as a U.S. military member. As for the scope and amount, it will depend on your rank and seniority. 

There are some military families who opt in for buying their own home if they are asked to move in a specific city for a long period of time. Mortgage companies and financial institutions do grant low interest housing loans for members of the military, especially if you're in active duty. Rest assured that you'll still get some of the lowest rates as you serve your country. 

4. Discussing The Move With Your Family

A PCS, or permanent change of station move may be an inevitable part of serving in the military, but it shouldn't mean that the entire family should be subjected to its enormous stress. Most military personnel under orders to move are given enough notice for preparation, unless under extenuating circumstances. This is why it's truly important to be up front and extra communicative to your family members. Though you are already informed early on that you can be called anytime to move, your family members won't have the luxury of knowing. They will experience normal emotions associated with the moving process such as sadness, confusion and anxiety about moving into a strange new place in general. Set aside an ample amount of time to have a quality family discussion and make sure to answer all of their questions and concerns. 

Most military moves are given several months in advance. You can take the time to include your family in all the important decisions and discussions. Encourage them to voice their thoughts and take an active role on significant events. Ask their opinion and their preference when scouting for new schools, for example. Ease the anxiety and keep your family calm by having them pick out new furniture or home decor to bring to the new home. 

Your network of friends and family will most likely offer help in keeping the kids busy as you move out. Accept any help you can get because you will need it. Even better, ask for their help in the days following your move. You might be surprised how much kindness you can get. 

5. Local vs. International Military Move

Moving within the U.S. or outside won't be that much different from each other, but there are a few key aspets to keep in mind. For instance, you can expect a longer timeframe on receiving your things, so it would be wise to keep the most essential items with you. 

Be prepared to face a language barrier when moving to a new country. The best way to acclimatize is to do your research on the culture, the local language and the new surroundings before moving in. This is instrumental in helping your family adjust to their new international home. Expect the unexpected, such as having to secure a home purchase or a rental, or picking up your vehicle in a remote location. Military moving experts recommend living in a housing provided by the military for at least a year before buying your own home. 

Whether completing a family or a solo move, moving for temporary duty or an international permanent change of station, you can count on a reliable military moving company for help. Contacting an excellent military moving company for a PCS move greatly enhances your chances of a successful move. Hire a great moving company that greatly respects and supports members of the US armed forces and their families moving within the United States or anywhere outside the world. 

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