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Tuesday, 27 December 2016 00:13

Senior Move Management, Movers Virginia Beach

Senior move management is the process of helping a senior citizen move into a new dwelling. The dwelling that the senior moves into may be smaller, more accessible, or it may even be a nursing home/ assisted care facility. Seniors, some of whom don't have close family willing to help with a move, often need a senior move specialist to assist them throughout the move. Besides helping with the process of moving itself, a senior move specialist can help ensure that the senior citizen is treated fairly respected throughout this transition period. It's also important to keep in mind that some specialists help the senior get used to his or her new dwelling. Finally, there are certain indicators of good quality senior move specialists.

Senior Downsizing




Seniors move for a variety of reasons. Some simply want a smaller place to live; however, others are forced to move due to financial circumstances. Planning for retirement can be difficult, and some seniors simply are left with less money than they thought they would have. This is especially true if unforeseen medical bills or other expenses come up. Regardless of one's financial situation, hiring a senior move specialist is highly recommended. They can actually help seniors save money in the moving process by ensuring the right moving company is chosen, helping auction unwanted possessions, etc.

Even if a senior is not moving because they have to, hiring a senior move specialist can still be very helpful. With senior downsizing, there are a lot of moving parts. For example, there are the issues of storing belongings, shipping belongings, packing and unpacking, arranging things in the new dwelling, etc. All of these things take time, but most importantly, some seniors just aren't able to do all of these things. Imagine a heavy chair, for instance. A senior could seriously injure himself if he tried to move it by himself. Even the exertion required to move a lot of smaller things can tire a senior. Hiring a moving specialist ensures that seniors do not injure or overexert themselves in a move.

A senior move specialist can also help seniors who are moving into nursing homes or assisted care facilities. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a senior is unable to live in his or her own dwelling. Moving into a nursing home or assisted care facility is not only challenging from a logistical point of view, but it is also emotionally challenging. Sometimes, seniors feel as though they are losing their independence, for example. In addition to helping with the logistics involved in this type of senior relocation, a move specialist can provide emotional support for seniors as they undergo this difficult transition. This is especially important when a senior doesn't have close family that can console him or her.

The logistics of any senior relocation are difficult, and senior move specialists are here to help. But a move is about more than logistics. It is also about making sure the senior is treated with dignity and respect and not taken advantage of by unscrupulous movers, auctioneers, or other people associated with the moving process. A senior move specialist ensures the senior's wishes are acted on. The specialist interviews movers, for example. This can help ensure that a legitimate, respectful, and experienced moving company is selected for the move.

The specialist also coordinates and handles the auctioning of unwanted possessions so that the senior can attend to other matters. Sometimes, the process of auctioning items can be complicated and some seniors may not want to get involved in this process when they already have other things related to the move to take care of.

Since the senior move specialist works for the senior (or the senior's family), then there is the assurance that all actions taken are in the best interest of the senior. If a senior were to hire movers by himself, the movers may just set out to making as much money off of the move as possible. A senior move specialist would ensure that nothing like this happens.

A senior move specialist genuinely tries to help the senior get adjusted to his or her new dwelling. In order to do this effectively, the specialist may share community resources with the senior. What services exist in the community that are tailored to the needs of the elderly? What communal activities might the senior be able to join? If the senior needs help, where can he or she turn? These are all questions that experienced senior move specialists usually address.

Besides connecting seniors with community resources, some senior move specialists serve as personal resources for seniors. In other words, the relationship between the specialist and the senior doesn't have to end when the move is over. A specialist may leave his or her work phone number with the senior so that the senior can contact the specialist if a special need arises.

When choosing a senior move specialist, you'll want to take your time and choose carefully. It's better to do some planning in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute. When you wait until the last minute, you may select a specialist haphazardly. Look into the specialist's background. Look especially for a degree that involves working with people, such as nursing. Nurses, for example, generally know how to approach people and care for people. Also consider the specialist's experience. Have they worked with the elderly for a long time? Do they have relevant certifications? It's even worth thinking about the kind of vibe you get from the senior move specialist. Do they seem caring and friendly? Or do you think they're just out for your money? You may also want to read any relevant reviews about the specialist. You can often learn a lot from the experiences others have had with a senior move specialist.

Senior move management is a very beneficial service for seniors, and we're lucky that there are businesses out there that provide this service. Keep in mind, though, that a senior move specialist may not have or do everything discussed here. Also, don't shy away from asking senior move specialists questions if you have any. They're generally very friendly people.


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