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Saturday, 04 October 2014 15:58

How To Make Sure Your Self Storage Is Completely Safe

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How To Make Sure Your Self Storage Is Completely Safe

Many of us have a need to store items for certain periods of time. Perhaps you are moving home and there is some time in between your two properties in which your belongings have to be stored elsewhere. Perhaps you have too many belongings and don't have anywhere to store them at home, but don't want to throw them away just yet. Whatever the reason, self storage offers a fantastic solution. However, choosing the best type of self storage can be a difficult decision. After all, it means placing your items in a location where you cannot access them constantly. You need to be sure, therefore, that other people cannot break into them, that they are protected from the elements and more. So how do you do this?

The first thing you need to look into is how secure the storage is. Military approved storage is the best type out there. This is water and fire proof and some are even bomb proof. If the military would be happy keeping their items in this type of storage, then you can be sure that it is safe enough for your belongings as well. Second, you need to look into the physical security. Are people patrolling the area to make sure nobody is trying to tamper with your container? Perhaps you need to show some form of identification before you can be allowed near the storage containers for instance. These are all things that really matter as you need to be able to go home at the end of the day in the knowledge that nothing is going to happen to your items while they are not in your direct care.

Other elements are important as well. When you look for a storage company Richmond has quite a few to offer. You need to find the one that best suits your needs not just in terms of security, but also in terms of location, storage size and budget. Spend some time looking up the different self storage options online, where you should be able to find all of this information. Also make sure that the financial aspect is not your main aspect to take into consideration. Cheap storage is often poor storage. In other words, what you should be looking for is value for money. The more secure your storage is, the more you will have to pay for it. Hence, spend some time deciding exactly what your needs are and find the one that offers the best price specifically for that. Do also look into reviews and testimonials on the company itself. Perhaps you even know somebody who has currently stored some of their own belongings and they would be able to give you some hints and tips.


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Which Moving Company To Use In Virginia Beach For Employee Relocation

Some might call this a logistical nightmare and this is also true for companies in Virginia Beach. It often happens that a certain branch of your company closes down and to ensure job safety for your employees, the only option is to perform employee relocation to the new branch or premises. When employees need to pack up their belongings and start a new life in a different area, it can be a very traumatic and stressful experience. The company should therefore offer to assist with relocation either partially or fully. For those who require movers Virginia Beach companies can choose a service firm that is qualified and trained to handle the corporate relocation effectively. Opt for the services of a company that will handle the contents with care and respect and not create unnecessary worries to the client or employees.

My father was in the military service for almost all of his life and I remember how we had to relocate every so often to a different military base. Our biggest concerns were always when the movers would arrive with our house contents and what damage there would be to our property. It sometimes happened that the military could not provide our family soon enough with housing and we lived in furnished apartments until we had a place of our own. During that time, the moving company stored our belongings until they received notice that our house contents can be delivered. Employee relocation can be a positive experience with minimal setbacks when you place your trust on the correct company. Packing our valuables played an important role in the move. Our furniture were placed in the vehicles with great care and those that was susceptible to damage were sufficiently covered with protective materials. The only damage that occurred was due to our own neglect. With each move we learned more valuable information and what qualities are required from the moving company.

Another situation we encountered was when the department my father worked in closed down at a certain military base and merged with another in a different base. This corporate relocation was planned with great precision and care. Not only were the various families uprooted and relocated, all the contents of the offices needed to be packed and transported to the new offices. The same movers Virginia Beach companies can depend were also used for this relocation. The move was relatively long distance and from previous experience the various families and employees put their trust in the company. Relocation of the offices was done with minimal impact and the offices were set up prepared for business in the time planned. It may have initially been the innocence and faith of a child, but to this day I put my trust in the moving company that prove themselves worthy.


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How To Find A Good Company To Help You With Your Business Moves

Businesses have to continue to meet market demand and this means that they sometimes have to expand or contract. In some cases, this also means relocating the premises of the organization itself. Business moves are stressful and it is very important that you plan this properly and get the right help in as well. If you are looking for the best movers Virginia Beach has to offer, there are two main things you will need to do. The first is to use the internet in order to find the company that could help you. Secondly, make use of both the internet and your personal contacts in order to find the best one. Let's take a closer look at both of these steps.

Once upon a time, if we needed a service, we would use the Yellow Pages. However, this would mean that all we had were the contact details of the moving company are considering, rather than any of the really important information. By searching for professionals who can help with business moves online, however, you can find out everything from how much they cost to exactly what they can do for you. Any good company that deals with these types of moves should have a website and this should be filled with information. Indeed, there are now many companies that even allow you to book them online, which means you don't even have to speak to them in person anymore. So long as you know when you want to move and what you want to move, you should be able to find a company that meets your needs.

You do, however, have to make sure that the company is good at what they do. This is where your personal contacts come in. Speak to people in your network and ask if they have ever used any of the movers Virginia Beach has to offer. Simply ask about their experiences, whether positive or negative. Word of mouth advertisement is still the strongest form of marketing, and you need to use it to your advantage. If you do not know anybody who has used a moving company in the past, then the internet can help you once again. There are numerous forums and websites that focus specifically on all aspects of business organization, including moves. You can search existing posts on these forums about companies you are considering, or you can create a new post yourself and ask for advice. Do make sure that any reviews you find are genuine and truly independent. Armed with this information, you should be able to find the best company out there for you. This will make your entire moving experience less stressful as well.


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Thursday, 02 October 2014 17:29

Moving With The Environment in Mind

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Green Moving - Moving Home With The Environment In Mind

More and more people are becoming concerned with the environment, and quite rightly so. We are treating our planet as if we believe that we have another place to go to. As we see how fossil fuels are being depleted, pollution is rising and wildlife has diminished by 50% over the past few decades, it becomes increasingly clear that we must go green. If we are moving home or business, therefore, we should also look into green moving. If you have made the commitment to reducing your carbon emissions as much as possible, then you need to implement this in your moving efforts as well, including trying to find the best green movers Richmond VA has to offer. Let's take a look at some of the things you could do in order to make your moving efforts more eco-friendly.

First of all, there are the boxes you use to pack your items in. Once upon a time, most movers Richmond offers would instantly provide you with brand new boxes. Although this may be convenient, it is not overly green. Hence, perhaps you could consider using storage items and boxes you already have. The moving company may also have some previously used boxes that they are recycling. It is likely that you will need at least some new boxes, however, at which point you should look into whether your moving company is able to recycle those for you afterwards. Check the material of the boxes as well. Recycled cardboard is generally the best option. Make sure you don't use too much plastic in your packaging either. If you do have to protect items such as glass or other breakables, try to wrap them in old newspapers or even some of your bedding for instance. If you must use plastic, try to see if you have some plastic bags left rather than purchasing new rolls of packaging plastic.

Then, there is the moving itself. Good residential movers Richmond has available are able to give you a breakdown on the emissions they have through their removal vans. More and more companies are committed to reducing this, meaning they use green fuels as much as possible. Additionally, the best green movers Richmond VA has to offer will always make simple efforts such as switching off their engine as they are loading and unloading their vans. Some now even have stop start technology, which means the engine switches itself off when they are waiting in traffic and automatically switches back on when they touch the accelerator. These are small efforts that have a huge impact. Don't be afraid to ask questions about sustainability. If anything, this may help them exert more efforts towards becoming greener themselves.


Southside Moving and Storage

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Thursday, 02 October 2014 11:58

Finding a Storage Company

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No Need For Storage Wars When Moving
Many people rely daily on storage. Depending on their need, they may require units for longer periods, some weekly and others monthly. Whatever their reasons, many people rely on the safety of their property while in storage. Moving and storage often goes together as people relocate and require the house contents to be stored until they move into their new home. Units can also be used for military storage. This happens when there is a surplus of military equipment that cannot be stored on the base or when a certain base is shut down. The equipment will then be stored until it is required at a different base. If the client is aware of a storage need at any stage of the relocation, they can contact a moving company that can provide both moving and storage. This creates a less stressful experience for the client as it involves less administration and planning to hand over, pack and unpack all their belongings or equipment.
When you are considering storing your valuables, there are certain factors that may influence your decision. The main concern for both moving and storage is always safety. Search for a moving company that offers security while in transit and on the storage premises. When storing temperature-sensitive items, it is always a good option to make use of containers that provide temperature and humidity control. Inquire from the moving company if they offer packaging services. When contents are stored in wooden vaults, humidity control is important to prevent the vaults from retaining moisture and building up mold. If you are storing property for long term, you will require a company that offers easy access to your incoming and outgoing containers. Discuss your storage needs with the moving company to find the best solution for you. 
Damage can occur any time and even the best storage companies cannot guarantee protection against all damages. What they can offer is insurance. No one likes the idea of any damage or theft, but with proper insurance coverage, you can at least have peace of mind that your valuables can be replaced or you can receive remuneration for damages. Insurance will depend on the value of the contents. If you are moving or storing high risk items, you will pay a larger fee for insurance compared to the lower risk items. Fragile items should be packed and marked sufficiently to assure the container is handled appropriately. For the best service it is always recommended to contact different companies and compare their services and prices. Many companies offer testimonies of previously satisfied customers and how they rate the service. Your possessions carry more than a monetary value and it is up to you to take the first protective steps to retain that value.
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Thursday, 02 October 2014 01:34

Residential Movers

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Crucial Tips To Follow When Embarking On Any Type Of Residential Moves

For most of us, moving can be an extremely stressful endeavor because the amount of planning and work that is involved in making sure all of those important belongings are moved over to the new location, safe and sound, is humongous. Once you begin counting all of the items that you own and that you would like to move across to your new location, the stress begins to increase. So let's face it, we are all open for finding the easiest way possible to make this task stress-free. A great way to do this is by utilizing moving companies that specialize in local moves. For example, if you live in Virginia Beach, then a great way to search for a company is by searching for "movers Virginia Beach" on the Internet. Another great search that can yield excellent results is by typing "Virginia Beach moving company."

However, before you begin your search, it is crucial that you take stock of everything that you own, have a good idea of what your scheduling is going to be like during the moving process, and that you find out which days would be best suited for you and your family to begin moving to a new location. Once you have all of this information under your belt, the next step is to figure out which movers Virginia Beach has to offer are able to give you the best quality service, because no matter how much planning you put into the moving process, if you choose the wrong Virginia Beach moving company, you could find yourself with more headaches, which is counterproductive because the whole reason for using one of these services that specialize in local moves is to make the whole process completely stress-free. Here are a few tips to keep in mind once you begin searching:

How Experienced Are The Local Movers?

There is actually a science to moving one's belongings from one location to another without any damage occurring, and this science is generally perfected by local movers who have gained a lot of experience over the years. This experience becomes more important when you have to move large, awkward-shaped furniture, items that weigh a lot, and items that are extremely fragile. So take some time to find out how many years a Virginia Beach moving company has, and make a list of at least five of them that you feel will meet your criteria before moving over to the next step. Generally, you're always better off going for a company that has been established for many years and that has a decent reputation. One way to get this type of information is by reading reviews, visiting third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau, and even going through forums that talk about the subject.

What Type of Insurance Do They Offer?

Some movers Virginia Beach has to offer might not have any type of insurance coverage, and if you come by any of these companies, you are better off searching somewhere else. Keep in mind that no matter how careful a person can be, there's always a possibility of an accident occurring, and when this happens, you would like to feel safe knowing that you can get some type of compensation for your loss. Many states will only require that moving companies offer sixty cents per pound, per article. However, that doesn't mean that all moving companies will offer this minimum as coverage. There are a few decent companies that can offer as much as $3.50 per pound. So don't just settle for the first company that offers insurance.

Does the Moving Company Have All the Right Equipment?

This basic question can say a lot about a moving company. Any person that takes this type of business seriously knows that they need to have all the right equipment to ensure that their customers' belongings will be transported safely. Basic items like stretch-wrap or padded moving blankets are essential items that every moving company should own. Other items that they should usually carry are carpet runners for stairwells and floors, and all of these should come free of charge.

Once you have gathered all of this information, you will find that it becomes easier to narrow down your search until you find the perfect Virginia Beach moving company. However, keep in mind that you also have to do your part in ensuring that your moving company can do their job adequately. Before they arrive to move your belongings, make sure that you have everything ready. This will ensure that the whole moving process is carried out smoothly.

 Southside Moving and Storage

Southside Moving and Storage

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Thursday, 02 October 2014 01:07

Moving a Baby Grand Piano

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Consider These Points Before Moving Your Baby Grand Piano To Another Location

A baby grand piano is a very delicate instrument, and anybody who owns one of these beautiful works of art knows the level of stress that they can go through if ever they have to move house. Because these pianos are extremely heavy and have an awkward shape that makes it difficult to move them from one room to another, it is very easy to scratch their beautiful finishes, or maybe even get a few dents in the process. Because of this, you are always better off hiring a professional moving company, as they will have the know-how and right equipment specialized for piano moving. For example, a moving company that specializes in handling baby grand pianos would most likely have the following characteristics:

Utilizes the Right Equipment

Piano moving can be a very labor-intensive task, so to make the whole process easier, a minimum of two blankets that are designed for moving would be used. In addition, a moving company would most likely use some type of dolly that has the capacity to support the weight of the baby grand piano, and they would also need special tools in order to dismantle the piano if needed. Lastly, a total of two straps, each around 2 inches long, would be needed to wrap around the piano. With these tools, there is less risk of accidentally dropping this beautiful instrument, and the workers would have an easier job of moving your precious baby grand piano quite easily from one location to another.

Has Experienced Workers with Good Communication Skills

The right equipment is not enough. To make it all happen, a moving company must have experienced workers who know how to communicate well with other people. This is important, because not only will they have to handle a very delicate instrument, but they also have to be careful not to get injured during the process. One wrong move and someone could find themselves in the emergency room very quickly. With the right communication skills, each worker will have a good idea of when they need to shift the instrument left or right, or to help minimize the amount of weight when it is required so that the other worker is able to maneuver the instrument without any problem. Once the moving begins, it is best that you try to stay out of the way, otherwise you might just confuse the workers instead of help them. Of course, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't express your concerns or give some important information that you feel the workers should know about, but it is best to do all of this before they actually begin moving your baby grand piano. In the end, you are hiring them for their expertise, so give them the space that they need in order to do their jobs properly.

Offers Insurance Because It Is Important

Regardless of the equipment and the amount of experience a mover will have, accidents can still happen, so a decent moving company should have adequate insurance to cover any potential damage that can occur during the moving process. Moving itself can be very stressful for anybody, and so the last thing you want is to worry about the financial consequences that could arise if things didn't go completely your way.

What Is Needed from the Customer?

While a good quality moving company will easily be able to handle the whole moving process, this will largely depend on how well you plan everything before calling them. Once you find the right piano moving company, spend a little time on planning your schedule so that you can get everything ready before they come. Find out what days would be perfect for the actual moving to occur, and make sure that you have enough time before that final day arrives. When you have all the details, give them a call and ask them if there's anything they need from your side to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If there is, take some notes with a pen and paper and make sure that you understand them clearly. You can also take some time to double check with them on the costs of the service, the type of insurance they have, and any other details that you feel will be important. This will save you a lot of headache that usually comes from incorrect assumptions.

Be prepared to still be a bit stressed, because let's face it, the moving company will be handling something that is very precious to you, and until it is in its final resting place, you are still going to be a little bit on edge.


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Sunday, 21 September 2014 18:35

Norfolk Movers

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Southside Moving & Storage Norfolk movers makes household goods moving easy with personalized services. Our Norfolk movers offer our residential moving clients options such as full-service packing, vehicle and piano moving. As professional movers, we understand what's important during a household move - the quick, safe relocation of all of your belonging at a price that won't exceed your budget. Our staff ensures a stress free move. We pair you with a Certified Personal Relocation Consultant, a trained expert who will make moving easy. He or she will provide you with an in-home survey, help you plan and budget your move and present you with our customizable list of options which include:

  • Free In-Home Estimate
  • Full-Service Packing OR Partial-Only Packing
  • Packing Materials Sale
  • Custom Crating
  • Piano moving
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Storage Solutions
  • Assembly/Disassembly Services
  • Valuation Insurance Options

After you've customized your move and you and your move consultant has ironed out a plan and a budget, your household goods moving operation will proceed. Your move consultant will discuss your specifications with our Norfolk movers and packers, and will make sure that the move stays on time and within your set budget. We also offer storage space before, during and after the move

If your looking for the best full service moving company in Norfolk or the Hampton Roads area, call us today 757-985-3737

Southside Moving and Storage

3535 Tidewater Dr. Norfolk, Va. 23509


Proudly Serving Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton and Williamsburg






Saturday, 20 September 2014 02:00

Planning Your Move

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Moving from one home to another is considered one of the most stressful things people do in their lives. To move everything you own-much of it fragile, heavy and important to you-from one place to another involves careful planning, organization, good equipment and tools, the right moving equipment and a lot common sense.

Pre-Move Planning is a great way to avoid many common mistakes. Whether you are using a moving company or getting the job done yourself, here are some things to think about as you plan your move.

If you plan on moving with a moving company, make sure that you get an early start if you need to select your own moving company. You will need to reserve a date about a month in advance. Keep in mind that summer is the busiest time for movers, so if you are moving from May through August you will need to be flexible with your packing and moving dates. The last week of the month is usually the busiest time for all moving companies.

You should get at least 3 estimates; show each mover the same items to be moved and ask each moving company the same questions so that you can make comparisons. If you plan on using a major national moving company, understand that you will most likely be dealing with an authorized local "agent". Ideally, you should check out both the national company as well as the local agent. The van line moving agent will send someone over to your home to review the contents of your home and provide you with an estimate based on this visit. If you are getting rid of a lot of things, be sure to tell the estimator what is or is not being moved.

Local movers generally charge by the hour. Interstate companies charge by the pound. Interstate moves are governed by the Federal Department of transportation Surface transportation Board and follow a standard rate book for transportation and packing called "Tariff 400-L."

There is normally additional charges for Long Carries, Flight Carries, Elevator Carries, Extra Pickups or Deliveries, Bulky Articles, and Special Handling. These are costs that are charged by the hauler and can only be negotiated with their approval. These, along with packing charges and materials charges need to be included when comparing estimates.

The estimates you get may be a little different depending on how much weight the estimator thinks you have. You shouldn’t necessarily go with the lowest weight estimate, you'll still be charged for actual weight and mileage charges in the end. One good idea is to take the highest weight estimate and have the other two movers revise their estimates based on this weight.

Most of the major van lines place several households shipments on the same truck, so your delivery date may depend on the order in which they need to unload the truck. If you need delivery on or by a certain date, be sure to specify this up front. It may affect the cost of your move.

If you decide to rent a truck, call at least two weeks before your move (earlier if moving at the end of the month) to get an idea of prices and what size you'll need. You should also reserve any furniture pads, dollies, and hand trucks you'll need for the day of the move.
If you are planning on driving a long distance and need to spend the night somewhere, try to pre-plan where you will stay. Try to choose somewhere in a decent neighborhood so you can park somewhere safe and invest in a good, strong lock for the truck to deter thieves.

If you Plan ahead, it will make a significant difference in the stress level and completion of your move.

Friday, 19 September 2014 18:28

Packing Fragile Items

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When packing your items for moving, you need to protect your fragile pieces with packing paper and other packing material that will keep them safe from bumps during the move, vibrations, or shocks of any kind.  You need to consider how to pack the items in the box so that they don’t shift, can withstand being moved by hand or by cart, and can be placed in a car trunk, or stacked in a moving truck or a storage locker. Different items require different packing options to keep them safe, for example, fine china needs a different packing method than electronic equipment.

People may try to use bath towels, blankets or clothing to protect a fragile item, thinking that these soft cloths provide padding, while serving the dual purpose of packing these things for moving or storage as well.  These types of packing solutions may be “penny wise and pound foolish”, when the fragile item does not survive the trip.
Common hazards for fragile items include vibration and shock – a box may be dropped or banged by another box being loaded on top of it, or shaken by a vibrating truck engine or by being wheeled over rough pavement when being moved to a truck or storage location.  Packing material used for cushioning needs to be able to protect from shock and vibration.
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