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Friday, 06 February 2015 18:30

Hampton Roads Virginia Movers, Moving To Hampton Roads Virginia

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Moving To Hampton Roads Virginia

Virginia, as they say, is for lovers. As a result, people simply love moving there. The state has a little bit of everything to offer. It has fantastic entertainment and a rich and cultural history. And Hampton Roads is perhaps one of the most beautiful areas in Virginia and many people would like to move there. If you are considering it, you will have to get to know this place, which will soon become your new home. You should also look into some of the things there are to do there. Most important of all, you should ensure that you can find a good Hampton Roads moving company.

How to Look for Moving Companies in Hampton Roads

In order to find a good Hampton Roads moving company, you need to have a good understanding of your personal needs. You must think about how much, or how little, you want your Hampton Roads moving company to do for you. Naturally, you also have to know just how much you are able to spend. It is recommended that you look into various local Hampton Roads movers. Not only will these be able to tell you a lot about the history of the area and the things that you can do there, but you will also immediately start to support the local economy. If Hampton Roads is to be your new home, you may as well start behaving like a true community member after all. Do make sure you look into reviews on the various Hampton Roads moving companies that are out there. Social media is a fantastic tool for this, as are websites such as the Better Business Bureau, where you can also look into complaints made about the services of these moving companies.

History of Hampton Roads

Meanwhile, as a way to familiarize yourself with the place it might be a good idea to review the history of Hampton Roads, which can be traced back to 1607 and the founding of Jamestown. Three English ships chose this place after exploring the entire area for 18 days. They wanted to have the benefits that the area that is now Virginia was offering, without being too close to the other colonizers, including the Spanish, who already had a strong presence there. Some 500 colonists settled in this area and although they were able to defend it from the Spanish with great ease, they did have to deal with difficult living conditions. Indeed, between 1609 and 1610, the "Starving Time" happened, when some 80% of the original 500 settlers died. Yet, once that period had passed, the remaining colonists truly began to thrive.

The area was popular because of its access to the sea and the rivers. It wasn't long, therefore, before it became a true harbor town. Commerce began to thrive quite quickly thanks to this. Additionally, it was a true military stronghold as the area was so easy to defend. Indeed, the history of Hampton Roads is full of battles and wars, including the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and, of course, the Civil War.

Indeed, various battles were fought, won and lost during the Civil War in Hampton Roads. One of the most important developments was that slaves were declared "contraband of war." This meant that slaves who were able to get to this place would not be returned to their Confederate owners. Black history and emancipation is a very important part of culture in Hampton Roads and the Emancipation Oak is one of the most important parts of the entire state, which is found on the grounds of Hampton University.

In the 21st century, Hampton Roads continues to have an important military significance. However, there is also a strong drive to ensure that historic buildings are saved and maintained. Furthermore, the links between the main historic cities - Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorkstown - are engrained in everybody's mind.

Things to Do in Hampton Roads

Now, let us take a look some of the things to do when you get to Hampton Roads. Indeed, if you are considering moving there, you have a lot to look forward to. There is no excuse to spend even a single moment bored in this place. There are frequent events celebrating the arts or history. Additionally, there are various community events and opportunities for personal development, such as cookery classes. And many of these things are free.

One of the local attractions that you truly cannot miss is the Cedar Grove Cemetery. This was first established in 1832 and is home to the remains of many noteworthy people. Spending time here looking at the different tombstones, trying to find the oldest one or determining the cause of death may be a morbid activity, but it is one that many people are interested in. Additionally, it will teach you a lot about the personal history of Hampton Roads.

The area is also known for its amusement parks. If you have a family who is moving with you, then you know you will end up visiting these parks sooner or later. Indeed, you may not have known that the academic calendar in the entire state of Virginia is based on the opening times of the amusement parks. This means that there really is no reason why you shouldn't be able to visit Motor World of Virginia Beach, Jungle Golf and Hampton Carousel.

If you prefer something a bit less focused on adrenaline, there are also various zoos and aquariums for you to choose from. Remember that the best moving companies in Hampton Roads will be able to tell you where all these attractions are. Indeed, they may even have some great hints and tips or even discount vouchers. You can choose between the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, the Virginia Zoo and the Virginia Living Museum, which is perhaps the best of all.

There are many other things to do in Hampton Roads. Try talking to local Hampton Roads movers to learn about things such as boat tours and cruises, campgrounds, fishing piers, gardens, golf course, historic sites, lighthouses, military sites and memorials, museums and arts, parks, shopping centers, sports and theaters and music venues. There truly is something to do for everybody in this place and you are guaranteed to have a great time. You will quickly find out, in other words, just why Virginia is for lovers.


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