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Norfolk Virginia Moving Companies, Discovering The Best Places To Live In Norfolk, Virginia

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Discovering The Best Places To Live In Norfolk, Virginia

If you are considering the numerous benefits of moving to Norfolk, Virginia, and have begun looking for Norfolk movers, chances are that you want to learn as much as possible about your new home first. By deciding to make the move to Norfolk, you're directing your life towards a city that is rich in American history and diverse culture. Norfolk is an independent city in Virginia, which as of the 2010 census, had a population of approximately 242,803 people. In 2013, that population had grown to 246,392, making Norfolk the second most populous city in Virginia. Norfolk is located near the core of the Hampton Roads area, and it is one of the nine cities and seven counties that make up the Hampton Roads area.

As one of the oldest cities in the Hampton Roads area, Norfolk is regarded as a financial, urban, historical and cultural center of the Virginia region. Known universally as a mid-Atlantic seaport, the location is also home to one of the largest naval bases in the country, and maintains an impressive reputation for its patronization of culture and arts. Of course, just because Norfolk has a number of impressive things to boast about itself, doesn't mean that you'll instantly know where in Norfolk you should be living.

The Sections of Norfolk Virginia

Before you hire a Norfolk moving company, you'll need to decide which part of Norfolk is the most appealing to you. Although it is fair to point out that Norfolk is not a particularly large city in regards to scale, it does account for a relatively high percentage of the metropolitan area of Hampton Roads. And although it is bordered by Chesapeake Bay and the Elizabeth River, Norfolk does not establish itself as a "beach town" as the neighboring location of Virginia Beach proudly does. Regardless, depending on your needs, employment and income, you may find that there are numerous options available to you when you decide to make Norfolk your home.

Here are some of the more well-known areas of the city that you might consider exploring when making the move to Norfolk:

1. The Freemason historic district. This location is not particularly far from the central business area of downtown Norfolk, and it also benefits from being perhaps the oldest and most historical neighborhood in the entire city. It offers residents the chance to experience an impressive blend of contemporary and colonial architecture, where various cobblestone-layered avenues help to establish the classic charm of the location. In your adventures around the area, you'll find grand gabled homes alongside modern condo buildings that make the Freemason area particularly popular with retired residents and younger professionals alike.

2. The Ghent district. This is another arguably historic district. However, it is more likely to draw in an upbeat and artistic crowd. Plenty of cafes and stylish boutiques line the streets, leading residents into a number of renovated homes that have been divided into condos and stunning apartments. If you choose to live in Ghent, you will find that you will benefit from the fact that your home is just a walking distance to the Eastern Virginia Medical School as well as the Naro Cinema house. Holidays are a particularly exciting and festive time for people in this area, as you will regularly hear Christmas music being played through the speakers every winter.

3. The ocean view district. As the name of this area might suggest, the ocean view district is the perfect location for individuals who are interested in a softer life near the beach. This district of the Norfolk area has experienced a number of significant changes across the years. In the past, it was home to a large amusement park, but now it has been revived through the construction of stunning villas and luxury condos that overlook the bay. The nightlife is also quite impressive, with plenty of bars and popular restaurants to choose from. What's more, the nearby park provides a great place to attend free concerts and seasonal festivals.

Whether you're interested in luxury or history, shabby beach chic or sheer elegance, Norfolk is sure to have the ideal neighborhood for your lifestyle and personality.

More to Love About Norfolk Virginia

One of the greatest things to appreciate about Norfolk is that there's so much to do, whether you're moving there to start a new life solo, or simply thinking about seeking out local moving companies to help you and your family get a fresh start. For a day out with the family, you can't get away from visiting the stunning Virginia zoo, which has to be commended for its focus on recycling and transportation efforts. All of the habitats within the zoo are sustainable, and the zoo itself is making huge steps towards going green. If helping the environment is something that you're interested in, you'll also be pleased to learn that it is easy to get around Norfolk without the use of a car. Indeed, transportation is particularly relevant in Norfolk, with transportation, such as the tide light rail, easy to access. Additionally, Norfolk comes with its very own waterway stretch, created to allow boats, ships and creatures of the sea travel from one location to another in complete safety.

Once you've spoken to Norfolk Va expert moving companies such as Southside Moving and Storage it will be time to start getting excited for the big move. One thing that residents of Norfolk love about their home is that there are plenty for adults and children alike to do especially for adults who are hoping to get in touch with their inner child within. At the Maritime center, you can watch 3D films, board a battleship and more. Speaking of children, Norfolk is also home to an amazing hospital with impeccable pediatrics services known to be one of the best in the country, if not the entire world. This means that you can rest assured that your children will always receive the best medical care available, whether they're facing a sudden emergency, or simply visiting a doctor to get a regular checkup.


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