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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:00

Virginia Beach Moving Companies, Tips To Make Senior Relocation Go Smoothly

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Tips To Make A Senior Relocation Go By Smoothly
There are now a number of professional moving companies in Virginia Beach, Virginia and organizers that specialize in helping seniors relocate. This is an important service, particularly when you consider that senior people often relocate because they want to downsize or because they want to be close to their family, for instance. A lot of senior people often grow tired of living in the same property for many years and therefore, look for a change of scenery. However, their needs are very particular and this means that senior relocation has to be managed and handled with care and attention.
Senior Relocation
Senior Relocation
The Baby Boomer generation is aging rapidly and it is a sizable population. This means that more and more seniors will also start to look for a professional moving company in Virginia Beach, Va. that can handle their needs. The U.S. Census states that 25% of people in this country will be over the age of 65 by 2050, with most of those turning 65 by 2030. Unfortunately, many seniors move after they have had an illness or injury, which means they are already tense and somewhat frail. This is why experts say that it is important to approach this issue sensitively.
How to Handle the Move
The most important thing families should remember, according to experienced senior movers, is that it is up to the senior to decide which items should be kept and which should be discarded. These decisions will be made based on emotions, not on rationale. This is why the family should keep out of it so as not to create any hostility.
One way to make sure a senior person does not hold on to things unnecessarily, however, is to take them shopping for new furniture before they start to sort through their stuff. This will give them a sense of excitement and purpose and a fresh feel to a new start. Losing a home is often very difficult, and making this a more fun and exciting process is very important.
Many senior people find that their home defines them and it is important to be compassionate about this. This is why it is also so important to work with full service Virginia Beach moving companies that are certified to assist seniors. Many seniors feel as if they are losing a part of their self and much of their independence when they move and this must be handled gently and properly. Virginia Beach Movers should not come in and quickly take everything out in double time. Rather, seniors have to be given the room to decide which items are possessions that can be discarded, and which items are memories that must be kept.
Consider a Senior Move Manager
Some organizations now have senior move managers, although this is only possible if the Virginia Beach moving company is certified by the NASMM. These professionals have many tricks and tips to help senior people downsize in a painless way. They know how to listen to elderly people and how to share in their memories, often for each item that they touch. Often, professional senior movers focus on which items have to be kept, instead of which items have to be thrown away. This alternative perspective has been shown to make the process much easier.
Another method they often use is to stay at least 6 inches away from each item. This is because psychologists have demonstrated that touching an object makes it harder to throw it away. At the same time, it is important to understand that some seniors will almost refuse to even consider any of these tips, and this must be handled appropriately as well.
The Costs of Senior Relocation Services
The costs of moving senior citizens vary depending on the Virginia Beach moving company. However, most start at around $89 for an hour, including a truck and two movers. Those who want to hire a senior move manager can expect to pay a consultation fee of around $150, as well as an hourly rate that varies depending on the job.
5 Tips to Help with a Senior Move
There are five important things to remember when moving a senior, whether you are working with a professional Virginia Beach moving company or not. The first is that people must be understanding and mindful of the fact that elderly people have certain emotional ties to their possessions, and these cannot be downplayed. Anyone who wants to quickly move an elderly person needs to rethink their tactics because they will only cause undue stress by moving things along too quickly.
Secondly, it is important that the senior feels comfortable and safe at all times. Using familiar furnishings can help with that. Do also encourage senior people to choose at least one easy to recognize item, such as a chair or favorite couch, to take with them. Have this installed in the new property before anything else.
Thirdly, the most important part of a senior move is sorting through belongings. Full service Virginia Beach moving companies will be able to help with this if this is needed. Packing should not commence until everything has been sorted at least twice.
Fourthly, any words that are used to describe the move should be chosen with care. You must remember that moving home is the third most stressful thing anyone will ever do, after a wedding and a bereavement. Considering that you are dealing with an elderly person, that stress will be magnified. You must, therefore, use encouraging and positive words and not words that have negative connotations or increase the elderly person's sense of urgency.
Finally, you must give elderly people all the time and space that they need in order to complete the move. Remember that they are not just leaving a house behind, but rather a home in which they have build a lot of memories. Remember, as well, that for a senior to move, it also often means that they will lose much of their independence. This is frightening and not something that can, or should, be rushed. If your elderly relatives want to spend an extra week sorting through their belongings, then so be it.

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