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Saturday, 03 September 2016 20:33

Virginia Beach Moving Company, Hiring College Movers

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Are you moving to college next semester? College moves are really a big deal for not only the student that is moving away from home but those nervous parents as well. No matter if your student is moving 500 miles from home or right down the street, this process is a very big event. There is a lot that goes into moving and today we are going to dive deeper into the process to better help you prepare. Hiring college student movers can be a difficult process unless you know what to look for.



 College Movers

12 Tips for Hiring a Great Moving Company

1. Make sure they are licensed: Before hiring college student movers always make sure to ask them if they are licensed. Many fly by night moving companies won’t be able to show you proof they are licensed and this should raise a red flag. Any moving company that is serious about what they do, will have a license to conduct business.

2. Are they insured: Another very important question to ask a potential moving company is if they have insurance. By being insured you the customer will be protected if anything goes wrong during the move. Property damage and lost items are covered by insurance as well as any work-related injuries. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a moving company in Virginia Beach Virginia that has the means to protect your interests.

3. Check out their online reviews: Most moving companies in Virginia Beach in now have some type customer reviews that you can find online. These reviews are often written by former customers who are either very happy with their services are very displeased. When checking out reviews make sure that the moving company in Virginia Beach has more positive reviews than negative. But remember not everyone is easy to please and you will more than likely find a negative review or two. So don’t let a few bad reviews chase you away.

4. Ask for references: A great way to determine the type of work a moving company does is by talking to former customers. Ask any potential moving companies for a list of references and most will be glad to provide you with one. On the other hand, if the company you are dealing with cannot provide references, chances are they are a moving company you want to steer clear from.

5. Professional college student movers will have a physical location: To ensure that you are dealing with a professional mover that you can trust, make sure they have a physical location. Any moving company that is serious about the moving industry will have an office location to conduct business out of.

6. See how long they have been in business: A great way to find a good moving company to handle your college move is by seeing how long they have been in business. The longer a moving company has been around the better the chances are that they are legitimate and they do a good job. If you find the moving company has only been around for a few months you might want to find another professional mover to do business with.

7. Avoid offers that are too good to be true: If the moving company you are talking too offers you an insanely great deal you should turn it down. No professional college student mover in their right mind would offer to do a job for very little money. This is simply not how you turn a profit. Offers that are too good to be true are a telling sign that you are about to get swindled. It’s quite possible that they might even walk away with your money and then disappear forever.

8. Are they active in the local community: When a moving company is active in their community its shows that they care about the people that live there. It also means that they probably do their best to be a positive force inside of the community. This includes providing excellent customer service to anyone they do business with.

9. Get a quote and get it in writing: Before you allow anything to be moved, get the price of your entire job in writing. This will help you avoid any hidden fees that might come up after the job is complete. Knowing what you are going to pay upfront will help you better budget your complete move to college.

10. Ask what’s included in the rate: Before you sign your name on the dotted line and agree on a price ask what’s included. There are many aspects to a college move so make sure to find out all the details. Most professional moving companies in Virginia Beach will charge extra for packing services and for items that are extremely heavy.

11. Find out what they do before moving day: Many moving companies will plan ahead by scouting out the location of delivery before moving day. If the move is in the same city many moving companies will send out someone to measure doorways and elevators to see if furniture and other large items will fit.

12. See when they are available: Before college’s let in for the semester, many moving companies will be super busy. So make sure while looking for a moving company you give them ample time to fit you in. If you have a tight moving schedule, try to find a moving company that is willing to work around your time frame.

College Moving Tips That Will Save Your Money

 Now that you know what to look for when hiring a mover, it’s time to learn how to save money. College moves can be very costly but if you apply the tips that you find below you will keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. These tips have been used by previous college students and their parents to cut back on the cost of moving.

• Get free boxes: A great way to save some extra money while moving is by using free boxes. Many of your local retail stores will have an overabundance of boxes that they would gladly give you for free. While this might not save you a bundle of money it will help cut down on your overall moving expenses.

• Do your own packing: While it is tempting to let the moving company do all the work for you, packing your own boxes will save you big. Most moving companies charge a healthy premium for packing services. By doing this job yourself you will be able to save tons of money.

• Leave some items at home: Let’s face it, you are probably not going to need everything you own while in college. So why not pack only what you are going to actually use while in school and those items that are near and dear to your heart. Make sure to pack the essential items first and then pack a few extras in a small box.

• Move some items yourself: You are going to be driving to your new college probably along with your parents or maybe your friends. So why not take advantage of your trunk space and pack some of your items inside. This will allow you to cut down on the size of your college move and reduce the amount of money the movers are going to charge you.

• Sell some stuff: If you are a college-aged student chances are you have a lot of stuff that you have accumulated over the years. Clothing and other items that are still in good shape can be sold for a fair amount of money. By selling off some of the items that you no longer use, you can raise some extra cash and save on your move at the same time. Just think how impressed your parents will be when they found out you're trying to help reduce costs.

• Ask a friend to help: While it’s probably not possible to move larger items such as bedroom set, lighter items can be moved by you and your friends. Maybe you know someone with a truck? By offering them a few dollars to help you move you can save really big. But remember to leave the heavy stuff to professional college movers. You wouldn’t want to risk hurting your friends back just because you want to save a few bucks.

• Plan ahead: Hiring a professional college student mover during the peak college moving season can be very costly. Most moving companies Virginia Beach know that you are desperate to find someone to move you and many will often cash in. So instead of waiting until the rush has begun, contact a professional moving company several months in advance. This will allow you to get a better price.

• Negotiate: If you have found a moving company that you want to work with, try to get a better price. Many moving companies will go back and forth with you on the price so that you can get a better deal. Never settle for the first price quote you receive. Instead, make a counter offer and be willing to walk away if the moving company is not willing to negotiate.

• Shop around: Instead of going with the first moving company you contact, make sure to shop around. Many times you can find a much cheaper moving company that will offer the same quality service. So don’t be afraid to call many different moving companies to find the best price.

• Buy larger furniture after the move: Instead of hauling your large and heavy bedroom set with you, why not buy a used one after the move? This will save you lots of money on moving and you can then sell your furniture when you finish your college degree. Used furniture can be found cheaply in many thrift shops around the country.

Make The Move a Smooth One

 You now have a ton of information to help save you money and allow you to find a perfect moving company. Now we are going to learn a few more tips that will help make moving day less stressful for both you and your parents.

• Get plenty of rest the night before: Now that you have your big moving day set get some rest. Make sure to go to bed early and get plenty of rest. This will help make things less stressful and you will have a smooth moving day.

• Have a family party: The weekend before your big move why not spend it with the ones you love the most. Have a family BBQ in the backyard and invite some of your closest friends. This will give you the bonding time you need before leaving home.

• Do your packing several days in advance: Instead of rushing around the night before you move packing up your stuff, do it ahead of time. This will allow both you and your parents time to relax before hitting the road to college.

• Work with your college advisor: A great way to make your move is a smooth one, is by getting advice from your college advisor. Advisors are there to help you make the transition so don’t be afraid to contact them.

• Say your goodbyes early: Many of you probably have a lot of high school friends that you will need to say goodbye too. Instead of waiting until the day of your move go around and say your goodbyes a few days in advance. This will allow you to save time and you will feel better about leaving you're them behind.

• Make sure to pack your pet’s items: If you are going to be taking a small dog or cat with you to college. It’s a good idea to pack their items first. This will get the task out of the way and it will help them feel more comfortable when they arrive at the new location.

• Pack some snack for the trip: If your college move is going to be a long one you will need plenty of fuel for your body. So make sure to pack some healthy snack for your road trip and bring plenty of water to drink. This will help keep you from getting hungry and you will not have to stop during the move.


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