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James City County Virginia Moving Company

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If you're relocating to James City County Virginia, then this is probably a very exciting time for you. Relocating to a new place can open the door for a lot of unique opportunities. However, it can also be a very tedious process. This is especially the case when you have so many odds and ends left to consider like choosing the best moving company. In fact, it's important that you take extra care when choosing the best moving company for your move, because they can either make your trip seamless or turn it into a nightmare. There are a lot of James City County available to you, so let's discuss what you should be on the look out for and the most important things to keep in mind.

James City County Movers
James City County Moving Companies

Choosing The Right Moving Services Before you start your search for the best James City moving company, you must first understand what type of service you're in need of. That's right, not all professional movers in James City County Virginia offer the same service. Some are full service, some are self-service and others are specialized movers. Full-Service Movers Full-Service moving companies do all of the work. They pack, load, deliver, unload and then unpack and reassemble all of your belongings for you. If you are someone who does not have a lot of time on your hands or you simply prefer to delegate these tasks to someone else so that you can relax for a bite, then this arrangement is ideal because it means that you won't have to lift a finger. However, if you prefer the hands on approach and hate the idea of a stranger handling your good china, then you may lean more towards the self-service option. Self-Service Self-Service moving companies give you the option of packing your belongings on your own. Typically, you pack the boxes, the movers take them to the truck, deliver them to your new location and then unload them for you. Your service ends when the last box or piece of furniture has been placed inside of your residence. This way, you get more control without all of the heavy lifting. Specialized Specialized moving companies are a great option if you own things that require special care. For instance, pianos, artwork, antiques, pool tables, cars and wine collections often require extra attention. Not every full-service company is capable of handling these types of items so this option can be extremely convenient. Choosing The Right Moving Company Now that you know what type of services you're in the market for, it's time to hunt for the best moving company in James City County. Reputation is extremely important, so do your homework. This can take a considerable amount of time, but if you're thorough the process should render great results. Get Recommendations Word of mouth can help to shed a lot of light on which James City County moving companies are the most qualified to handle your belongings. This is especially the case if you ask your friends, coworkers, and family members. Don't just assume that the big names are the best, you should ask. When you get a few names, ask why they liked this particular moving company. Ask what they didn't like about the moving company. By comparing the pros and cons of each business, you can narrow your list down to the top contenders. Perform a Background Check Once you have a established a list, go online and visit the Better Business Bureau. Find out what their rating is as well as what other are saying about them. You may also check with consumer advocacy sites to find out if any of these companies have been blacklisted or have a history of complaints. Secure Estimates Call each company and get an in-home moving estimate. You may even be able to get a binding moving estimate which will ensure a cap on how much you will be expected to pay. Sure, nonbinding estimates are legal but customers sometimes find that they are charged more than they were initially quoted so it's a good idea to get it all in writing. Also, when the moving company visits your home, make sure you don't leave anything out--show them everything you need moved including items in closets, basements, attics and backyards. This ensures that you will not be “challenged” by the foreman on moving day because you have more than they expected. By the end of your consultation, your should have the moving company's full name, address, phone number, email, website, references and license numbers. Spotting The Scammers No matter how much homework you do, sometimes things just don't go as planned. This is especially the case if you are planning to hire a relatively new moving company. Some of these moving companies have been known to pull the "bait and switch": they give you an excellent moving estimate, one that seems too good to be true, and then they raise the price when it is too late for you to find someone else to do the job. There are also those moving companies that hold your belonging hostage. In this case, they let you know that the only way you will be able to get them back is if you pay more money. This strategy may be couples with the bait and switch. The worst are those that never deliver the goods to your home. They load all of your belongings on to the truck, promise that they will deliver them to your residence by a certain date and then never show up. The customer often never sees their stuff again. So if you're interested in using a James City County moving company that has not yet established a solid reputation, then there are a few red flags that you should be on the look out for to ensure that these things don't happen to you. You Can't Find A Physical Address If you take a look at their website and notice that they don't have a physical address or even a phone number, then you need to be wary of this moving company. This is especially the case if the website looks like it was not professionally made. You should always be able to find the moving company's contact information. They Don't Have A License Make sure your mover is authorized to move you. For moves within James City County, make sure the James City County moving company is licensed to operate by the Virginia Department of Transportation. In fact, all of their information should be up-to-date as well. You should be able to pull up the record of the moving company by entering their license number into the FMCSA website. Understanding Extra Fees It's important that you understand the extent of all the additional charges that you may incur when moving. These fees will depend on the condition of your move. So, before you book a moving company, find out which charges are applicable for your particular move. Let's discuss a few. Accessorial Charges A lot of James City County moving companies will combine all of the extra fees that don't fall under the terms and call them "Accessorial". These may include your packing or unpacking services or extra pick-ups at your Southside moving and Storage facility. If you would like to avoid this charge, then make sure you ask the right questions. Appliance Service This particular fee is charged if the mover has to prepare your major appliances for moving. It includes things like disconnecting at your original residence then reconnecting at your new place of residence. In most cases, the appliances such as your dryers, washers, refrigerators and dishwashers are already included in your bill. Flight Charges Flight charges are the fees that you pay for your movers carrying items up and down stairs, either at your current or origin or previous residence. For instance, a third-floor residence equal two flights since the your movers will begin on the first floor. If elevators are available, and they are large enough to hold your belonging, then there should be no flight charges, however elevator charges may apply. Auxiliary Service Auxiliary service charges refer to extra fees that are rated per hour should your move be delayed due to your goods needing to be transferred to other trucks. This may happen if you do not have adequate parking or if your home is inaccessible due to a narrow driveway. This means that the moving company will have to transfer all of your goods to smaller trucks. If you are unsure about how accessible your home is, call the mover and ask questions. Linehaul Charge The Linehaul charge is a basic fee for long distance moves, which is calculated by the mileage as well as the weight of your belongings. Linehaul charges are added to your initial estimate. Since James City County moving companies give you weight and distance estimates before you book their service, they will be able to give you the cost of these charges so ask upfront. Expedited Services If you would like a guaranteed date of arrival, you may be charged higher minimum rates. The best way to avoid these charges is to be flexible on your move in date. Most people are able to work around their move in dates and if you pack all of your essentials and take them with you, you may be able to survive for a couple of days, or even a week, without some of your household goods. Saving Money As you can see, relocating can be very expensive depending on where you are moving from and how much you're carrying with you. Though there are some costs that you won't be able to avoid, there's a lot that you can do in order to keep the price down. Let's discuss a few ways that you can save money. Prioritize and Throw Away Moving is a great way to experience change. But it's also a good time to do a little spring. And this can be especially helpful when it comes to controlling the costs of your move. If you are on a tight budget, then consider downsizing. Most James City County moving companies weigh their empty trucks and then weigh it again once it is full of all of your belongings. Since most moving companies in James City County Virginia will charge you by this weight, it's a good idea to get rid of all your smaller items that you rarely use, are able to live without, or can repurchase after you move. You should also consider getting rid of larger items that wouldn't be worth moving per pound. Move Out Of Season If you have control over what month you move in, then you should avoid the months of June and July. Most people move during this time because children are on their summer breaks and the weather is much nicer. A lot of people move during the first and last of the month as well. So if you can, try to move mid month. Avoid The Last Minutes If you are someone who has to relocate to Virginia for job purposes or or family issues that have arisen suddenly, then you will have very little control over when you move. However, if you are able to plan ahead, then don't hire a moving company at the last minute--book as far in advance as possible.This is because James City County moving companies will often charge you if you cause inconveniences within their moving schedule time slots. Even scheduling movers a few weeks in advance can cost you, so it's a good idea to call at lead 8 or so weeks ahead of time. Remember The Details If you are calling around from one James City County Virginia moving company to the next in order to find the best rates, it can be extremely easy to forget the rates that have been quoted to you. You should also remember to tell them small things like what floor you live on. For instance, if you live on the flight floor of an apartment building and you need a piano moved, it could cost you much more if the movers find out at the last minute. Helpful Tips And Tricks Not only is making sure that you have chosen the right services and company important, but you should also be aware of the small details that come with moving day. Here are few tips that will save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Book Your Move For Earlier In The Day James City County moving companies usually make sure that their days are completely booked. This means they may schedule two or three jobs within the same day. The problem is, it's always possible that things may take longer with the first or second jobs and this throws their whole schedule off. Keep in mind that several things could go wrong with their first jobs and make sure that you are the first job of the day. Another great thing about being first on the list is that the movers are usually more alert and have more energy than they would later in the day. This means that things get done faster and more easily. Prepare For Parking Just as with everything else, time is money. When you are not well-prepared, James City County movers are forced to wait for you to finish your packing. This essentially means that you are paying them to do nothing. The best way to avoid this is to prepare ahead of time. All of the details must be though of ahead of time. Even parking issues should be worked out ahead of time. For instance, if you are someone who lives on a busy street, your need to make sure that you have at least 3 sports available in front of your home so that the trucks can come and go. Consider placing garbage cans or pylons with small signs that indicate the spots are reserved for moving vehicles. Remember, every minute counts and the clock usually starts as soon as the movers have arrived at your home. Lack of preparation means more money. Take Apart Your Furniture In most cases, people don't consider how much time disassembly may take, so they leave it to the movers. However, you can save as much as $100 simply by taking apart your own furniture before the movers get there. Luckily, these small parts shouldn't be too heavy for you. Just thing of it as part of the prep work. The Takeaway If you're looking for movers James City County has a lot to offer. However, you need to know which services you're in need of and which moving companies have a reputation for delivering excellent service. You should be careful of fly by night moving companies and familiarize yourself with the biggest red flags. You should also be familiar with the charges that you may incur and the best ways you can save money and time during your move. Though this may require a significant time investment, in the end it's well worth it.

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