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Sunday, 05 October 2014 13:53

Moving Your Parents When They Don't Want To Go

Written by Marcus
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Moving Your Parents When They Don't Want To Go

The bond you have with your parents is strong, but there will come a time when it changes. Suddenly, you are the one that has to look after them and this can be very difficult. Parents tend to get stubborn in their old age and they are set in their way with little desire to change this. If you find yourself in a situation where moving your parents is the only available solution to them, you need to prepare yourself to have a battle on your hands. However, there are a few things you can do to make this process a little less stressful. If you find the best movers Richmond VA has to offer, for instance, then at least all the logistical aspects of this move will have been sorted. All you then need to do is manage the emotional and psychological aspect of this move.

Elderly people value their independence, and quite rightly so. They have worked hard all their life for a house that they can call a home and they have gone through difficult times in order to live the life they have. The last thing they want is some "youngster" (even if that is their child) coming in an telling them that they have to go. However, if they are getting frail or if they live too far away for you to properly look after them, there often isn't anything else to it. Don't just show up with a Richmond moving company, however. Your parents are still your parents, which means you don't have authority over them. As such, you need to involve them in the process. Deep down inside, they know that they have to move, they are just afraid of this major change that they will need to go through.

Make sure you involve your parents at every step of the way. It is their belongings that have to be moved and their life that is being put upside down. Hence, make sure that when you search for some of the local movers Richmond has to offer, they are involved in choosing that company as well. Moving your parents has to be a joint venture and you need to listen to their concerns and worries. Help them to see that their life in the new property will be so much better. Perhaps they will have more leisure opportunities, or they will be closer to you or some of their other friends, for instance. Explain to them, as well, that the memories they have of the house they live in now will not die as soon as they move out. After all, you are there to carry those memories on as well, even after they are gone.


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