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Sunday, 12 October 2014 02:02

Moving With Pets - What You Need To Know

Written by Marcus
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Moving With Pets - What You Need To Know

Pets are true members of our family and they deserve to be treated as such. Hence, if we move house, we need to think about moving with pets as well. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it may seem. Let's take a look at a few hints and tips you will need to take into consideration.

First of all, you need to look into the regulations of the area where you are moving to. This is particularly important if you are relocating pets abroad. Very often, you will need proof of vaccination and some areas will require you to quarantine your pet for a certain period of time. Next, you need to find movers that are happy to deal with pets. This means that they are experienced in the treatment of animals and that they make sure they are comfortable and well looked after during the entire experience. If you can't simply put your pets in the car with you when you move, it is likely that your pets will have to be away from you for quite some time. You need to know that your movers are committed to the welfare of animals and will always make sure that they are treated properly. Some of the best moving companies who frequently deal with pets will have specialized pet carriers to ensure the pets are safe during transport. This is particularly important if there is any overnight travel, or if the moving truck driver has to stop for breaks. You need to know how your pet will be fed, whether it will be let out for exercise and so on.

From your end, you will have to prepare the new home for the arrival of your pet as well. You know that it will take you some time to adjust to your new property, and the same will be true for your pets. Make sure you have their regular comfort toys and beds ready, that they know where their food is and that they get some good tender, loving care as soon as they arrive. Moving pets is very stressful for them because they don't understand what is truly going on. They haven't had the opportunity to have conversations with you about the why and when of moving. On the other hand, they will probably have sensed that something has been up and they will need some time to readjust. Just make sure that your pets are treated the way you want them to be treated when you are moving. This means having conversations with your moving company about your expectations and what they can deliver. Only choose a company that you fully trust with the welfare of your animals.


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