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Friday, 19 September 2014 18:28

Packing Fragile Items

Written by Marcus
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When packing your items for moving, you need to protect your fragile pieces with packing paper and other packing material that will keep them safe from bumps during the move, vibrations, or shocks of any kind.  You need to consider how to pack the items in the box so that they don’t shift, can withstand being moved by hand or by cart, and can be placed in a car trunk, or stacked in a moving truck or a storage locker. Different items require different packing options to keep them safe, for example, fine china needs a different packing method than electronic equipment.

People may try to use bath towels, blankets or clothing to protect a fragile item, thinking that these soft cloths provide padding, while serving the dual purpose of packing these things for moving or storage as well.  These types of packing solutions may be “penny wise and pound foolish”, when the fragile item does not survive the trip.
Common hazards for fragile items include vibration and shock – a box may be dropped or banged by another box being loaded on top of it, or shaken by a vibrating truck engine or by being wheeled over rough pavement when being moved to a truck or storage location.  Packing material used for cushioning needs to be able to protect from shock and vibration.
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