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Friday, 07 November 2014 18:30

Some Tips When Working With Realtors

Written by Marcus
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Some Tips When Working With Realtors

Are you moving to Richmond, Virginia, and need to buy a home there? Some of us have a number of preconceived ideas about what it means to work with a realtor or real estate agent. One of these is that we automatically assume that realtors are people who are only after earning some money for themselves, and so they let us sign contracts that may not be to our best interests. The reality, however, is that if you find a good realtor, you will have a far better experience in purchasing your home. Additionally, they often have links with a good Richmond moving company. As a result, once you have purchased your home, you could potentially get a better deal on your moving costs as well. Here are some tips when working with realtors.

First of all, the agent working on the property is contractually bound to the seller, and not to you. This means that if you say that you would be willing to pay top price but would prefer them to negotiate first, they will tell the seller about this first. Hence, keep some information confidential. Secondly, if your agent suggests that you must sign a Buyer's Agency Agreement, look into your state's laws surrounding this. Some states do indeed have this requirement but others don't have it at all while others still allow you to have the agreement dissolved when you wish, but will require you to pay a commission. If you do have to sign such an agreement, make sure it is a very short one, such as for a week or even a day. Another important tip is that you will always find more homes if you contact multiple agents. The reality is that most agencies are part of a Multiple Listing Service, which means they are all able to sell the same properties. It is more important, therefore, to find a realtor that you enjoy working with. It is best to choose one who has personal knowledge of the area you are interested in. A final tip is that the agents who have the most properties listed are not necessarily the best ones. In reality, these are simply the realtors that who signed up to the most listing agencies. They often fill up their windows with various properties without really getting to know any of these properties.

Hopefully, the above information will help you make a good decision in terms of which realtor you should work with and how you should work with them. Most Richmond movers also have a lot of information to give about various realtors, which can be really beneficial if you are not from the area itself. They will be able to tell you where to go and where to get the best information from. After all, movers tend to know certain areas almost as well as realtors due to how often they come there. Take your time to look at moving companies as well, therefore, and ask them for advice on potential properties that you are interested in to ask for outsiders' information on that particular area.


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