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Tuesday, 11 November 2014 17:11

How Do I Obtain An Interstate Moving Estimate?

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How Do I Obtain An Interstate Moving Estimate?

Before you get ready for your interstate move in Richmond, VA, you need to prepare various things. According to experts, having all the necessary paperwork ready, understanding the costs you will be charged and knowing your rights are the most important things. You need to know how your belongings will be treated, how much this will cost you and what will happen if they are mistreated. Before you search for the best moving company Richmond VA has to offer, therefore, consider the following tips. This will help to ensure your moving experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Things You Need Before Hiring Movers Richmond Has to Offer

The first thing you need to do is get the registration numbers of the different movers you are considering through the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). They may also have a motor carrier number. There are currently 28 states where movers need a DOT registration on local and state level. Also look into the complaints filed against potential moving companies through organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Also, look into how long the company has been in business and what their overall reputation is. Furthermore, look into the people who are employed by the company. Are they permanently employed? Have they been there for a long time? Do they have to go through background checks?

Furthermore, you should get a copy of their charges. Here, you will see any items that could make you incur extra costs, such as packing tape, stair fees and long carry fees. You should also make sure get a copy of your mover's liability insurance, their bill of lading and the valuation coverage policy they offer. When a moving company takes hold of your items, whether you are using a company like Southside Moving and Storage or simply a moving company, they become responsible for these items. The lowest responsibility is known as "released value," which shouldn't cost you anything. However, if you want them to cover actual value or even full value, then you will have to pay something towards that insurance. Make sure that it is made clear to you how this works.

Get a timetable. This is particularly important if you are using a Richmond moving and storage company, as you need to know when your items are at a particular time. Your quotation should include all these details. It will also list whether the company will actually be moving the items themselves, or whether they are a household goods broker. In the latter case, they outsource the actual move. Brokers do not have trucks, can't present themselves as movers, and are not allowed to deliver quotations or estimates.

How Much Is Charged By Movers In Richmond?

It is hard to determine exactly how much an interstate (between states) move will cost. Various factors are important, including the overall distance your belongings will have to go, how heavy they are, the additional services you need (packing materials, security, insurance, storage facilities and so on), how many state borders have to be crossed and what the regulations in these states are. This is very different from an intrastate move, where your cost will generally be per hour, covering the number of vehicles and members of staff that are involved. Interstate moves usually come with better liability insurance, although this depends on the weight of your items. If you have a lot of heavy items to move, then the liability insurance is likely to go up as well.

If you want to obtain an interstate moving estimate, you should contact several different companies and ask them for a binding estimate. This is an agreement in writing that exactly states which services will be provided and at what costs. This means that budgeting becomes a lot easier, as you won't have any unexpected bills or surprises. Different Richmond moving companies have different methods of providing you with quotations and estimates. Some of these include the guaranteed value that should not be exceeded, which means that you pay the cost that is lowest out of the actual cost and the binding estimate.

In most cases, the mover's bill will be based heavily on the weight of the items you are moving. The second most important factor is the distance you will cover. The final element is based on whether or not you require extra services. The average cost, is based on an average household good weight of 7,200 pounds and on the idea that the average move is across 1,220 miles. In this case, the cost averages at $2,630.



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