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Monday, 17 November 2014 12:27

Chesapeake Movers, Why You May Need Commercial Movers

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Chesapeake Movers, Why you may need commercial movers

When a business expands or contracts, finding new business premises may be required. However, moving commercial properties is very different from moving residential properties. It is therefore incredibly important to work together with good Chesapeake commercial movers, who understand the particular ins and outs of this type of move. There are two main reasons as to why these types of moves are different. First of all, it is because the type of goods that are transported are very different. There are usually a large number of electrical equipment (telephones, faxes, printers, copiers, servers and so on) and office furniture such as desks, cupboards and chairs. And the shapes and sizes of these pieces of furniture are very different from your run of the mill domestic furniture, which means they also need to be transported with different tools and processes.

Moving electrical equipment is also very different. Good Chesapeake business movers will have a lot of experience in terms of how to move relatively larger electrical items. Additionally, they will have the tools required in order to move these items. After all, you cannot simply pick up a combination printer, scanner and fax and carry it down the stairs. These types of items are not only very heavy, they are also awkwardly shaped. Furthermore, the circuit-boards contained inside can break if the machine is tilted or turned too much, which is something that the moving company also has to be aware of. A good moving company will employ staff who have been fully trained in manual handling, so that they are able to lift and move items not just in a way that the items are protected, but also in such a way that they do not cause injuries to themselves, which is also very important.

One other thing to take into consideration is that a business move generally means transporting confidential paperwork. It is very important that you are assured that your mover will not lose or even look at any documentation that contains information covered by Data Protection Acts or other laws. Companies like Southside Moving and Storage, for instance, will be able to show you the policies and procedures they have in place to protect your confidential items. They also offer storage facilities, at which point this confidentiality can become even more important, as it means you are leaving someone else in charge of keeping your documents secure. It is very important to spend a bit of time looking up reviews and testimonials by other users, so that you have peace of mind that your commercial furniture, equipment and documentation are moved properly and securely. Looking into the price, as such, is of secondary importance and finding a company that offers value for money is far more important.

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