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Saturday, 14 October 2017 21:01

Living Near Mount Trashmore Virginia Beach

Are you planning to move near Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach? This article is for you if you are thinking of visiting Mount Trashmore or simply living near it. Although Mount Trashmore is now Virginia Beach's coolest park, it wasn't always like that. As the name suggests, it was actually a huge heap of trash on an abandoned landfill. Today it's a totally awesome place with a skate park, huge playground, volleyball nets, basketball court, and picnic areas. 

The hills are as high as 60 feet and spread across the 164 acres of green space. It's a perfect example of how strong willed the people of Virginia beach are; they refused to let the trash take over their home, instead they turned it into something the people of all ages will enjoy for years to come. What's life like Living Near Mount Trashmore In Virginia Beach? Let us find out. 





A Family Friendly Resort City

Once you get here, you will realize that it's overwhelming more of a beach city than anything else. You can be over half hour drive from the beach but still you will experience the beach vibe on every turn. The landscape is dotted with driftwood decor, and seashell, while the restaurants have an endless supply of seafood, and most important, the locals observe a beach-friendly but universally accepted dress code. 

However, there is something special about Virginia Beach; it's the longest beach in the world, and boasts of over 3 million tourist annually. You would expect that with huge number tourists, it would become stuck-up or wild like Miami; instead, they have a policy for everybody to use a family-friendly language. Moreover, you should expect to find locals everywhere such as on the bay or beach, on boats, piers, or even having a good time on the beach water. 



Moving near Mount Trashmore means that you will be coming close to a diet of crabs and oysters! The Chesapeake Bay provides an ample supply of blue crabs and oysters. Almost every home you go to has a drawer full of Crab crackers and mallets. Furthermore, each home's spice cabinet has at least one jar filled with Chesapeake Bay or Old Bay seasoning to make the crabs taste as deliciously as they do in every meal. 

Overall, around Mount Trashmore, you should expect the seafood to taste topnotch. In fact, locals can’t agree between crabs and oysters, which one tastes better. That's not all, while there, your meal of seafood isn't over if you haven't washed it down with Virginia's Orange Crush. Orange is the most common flavor, but there are other flavors as well. These special citrusy drinks have been perfected so well that you can take one too many and not realize it. 


Night Life

If you are visiting Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach, you may think of spending the night enjoying yourself. However, you won't be spending that time in a nightclub scene. The locals have maintained this place as a family-friendly resort, and they have decided it's going to be that way for a while. The good news is they have lots of trendy restaurants and bars spread across the oceanfront. 

 One example is the Catch 31, it has a spacious live music stage where as a visitor you can spend your time after a meal and relax all night in summer. You can also join the locals in off-road spots such as the Ultra Martini Lounge or Lynnhaven Pub, those provide a less crowded environment for relaxing when the tourist season is at its peak. If you enjoy live comedy, you can get it at Funny Bone Comedy club or enjoy a game of pool at Ready Room. 


Crime Rate

Are you thinking of living near Mount Trashmore? Well, you will be happy to know that Mount Trashmore is among the safest place in the nation. It's graded Crime AB by AreaVibes because of its crime rate that is below 14 percent the national average. 

Furthermore, if you live in the northeast Virginia Beach, you will experience a crime rate that's a hooping 48 percent below the Mount Trashmore area, which is already low than the national average! It's therefore not hard to see why locals consider the Virginia Beach to be a family-friendly city. 


Cost of Living

Finally, let us talk about what it would cost you to live in this beach city. Would you believe it that when you take into consideration the fact that this is a beach city, it becomes among the cheapest places to live? You will only have to pay about 10% more than the national average. Furthermore, things like healthcare and groceries score a 98 on an index of 100 taken as the national median. 

Transport is at 91, but housing is the exception, it has an index of 37. The average home will cost you $280,000 at home, and you will pay about 40 percent more to buy real estate in the beachfront. While the homes are pricey, the is a constant demand, therefore it's a worthy investment overall. 

I hope you have found this article to be informative and you will enjoy your time in Living near Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. 


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