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Monday, 04 November 2019 16:09

Chesapeake Va. Movers, Independent Moving Company

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Chesapeake Va Moving Company Chesapeake Va Moving Company

Chesapeake VA Movers, Van Line vs. Independent Moving Company

When it comes to moving your beloved furniture, you always want to make sure you book the right Chesapeake VA movers to handle your specific relocation needs.  However, there are so many options and decisions to be made within that choice. One of those options is whether to deal with an independent Chesapeake VA moving company or a Van Line. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Both independent Chesapeake VA movers and Van Lines bring different strengths to the table, so you’ll have to decide what’s best for you and your situation.


Independent Moving Company

There is a misconception that independent Chesapeake VA moving companies only handle local moves.  However that is not always the case.  Independent moving companies specialize in local and/or long distance moving services for residential or office moving.  They offer services such as moving truck with 2 or 3 movers, as needed. They also offer extra services such as packing services.  Independent moving companies usually focs on small moving services for students, apartments, houses, condos, and senior moves.

Not all independent movers are the same.  There are bigger Chesapeake VA moving companies that offer full service moving for local or long distance moves and these companies have bigger resources and staff and have the necessary permits for doing interstate moves (long distance).

Full service Chesapeake VA movers offer the same basic services such as moving truck and movers, retailing packing supplies, and packing services.  They may also have white glove services which mean they take charge of every aspect of a move, including cleaning and garbage disposal.

Full service Chesapeake VA movers also offer the convenience of storage services.  Customers who would require safe storage of their household goods before transport to a new location can rent personal storage spaces that have 24/7 security and climate control or simply rent a safe and secure vault(s) to contain their items.

Speaking of large independent Chesapeake VA moving companies, there are also moving companies that carry a franchise but are independently operated.  Some of the biggest and most recognizable names are Two Men and a Truck with hundreds of locations in the US and Canada.  Their operation is very similar to eating at a McDonald’s; you’ll get the same rates and services no matter which location you choose.

Van Lines

You may often see a Chesapeake VA moving company name that says van line.  That means it is a national brand that can do long distance and even international moves and offers full moving services.  These van lines have “agents” which are usually local Chesapeake VA moving companies that are assigned a moving job that falls under their zoning.

When you book, for instance, United Van Lines, your move is transferred to one of their agents in your area.  If it is a long distance, interstate move, or cross border move, the relocation may be completed by 2 or more agents.

While you are dealing directly with the van line company, the actual move is conducted by one or more of their agents carrying their brand.

Van Lines generally require their agents to own their fleet of trucks and have trained full-time movers.  They conduct agent certifications to ensure their representatives abide by company standards and practices.


Whichever type of Chesapeake VA moving company you decide to hire, it cannot be stressed enough that you need to do your research on any moving company you choose.  Regardless if it is a local or a national brand, get to know the mover you want to work with.

When it comes to choosing independent Chesapeake VA movers like us here at Southside Moving & Storage, Imagine eating at a local restaurant. Our staff knows most of their regulars and offer the same type of menu day in and day out. We provide the good ole solid, dependable, and affordable customer service that you’re used to.

At Southside Moving and Storage, we understand that each and every move is as different, unique, and never the exact same. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to customize and personalize every move we handle to give you a custom moving experience, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need your entire house moved or just a sofa that has gotten heavier since the last time you moved, Southside Moving and Storage will take care of you at a surprisingly affordable rate.  Give us a call at 757-234-7080 or visit us online for a free moving quote.

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