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Thursday, 07 November 2019 20:37

Isle of Wight Movers, How to Move Your Clothing

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Packing Clothes Packing Clothes

Isle of Wight Movers, How to Move Your Clothing

Are you looking for the best way to pack clothes for moving? Don’t worry, we can help. Whether you have a tiny closet’s worth of clothes or much more (and let’s face it – most of us do), we’ve got the tips you need in order to successfully move your clothes to your new home. From delicate pieces and hanging clothes to your shoes, hats and accessories, each item requires its own packing strategy. Below, you’ll find our expert Southside Moving & Storage (curated by your local Isle of Wight Movers) guide to packing clothes for moving. This step-by-step approach covers: what to do before you start packing, how to sort through your clothes, cloth packing methods, the best ways to fold clothes, how to move hanging clothes, how to pack clothes in different kinds of boxes and more basic moving tips. For advice on the most efficient way to pack, keep reading our article.


Prepare Your Clothes for the Move

Preparing your clothes for your local Isle of Wight moving company will help your packing go smoothly and you’ll be able to find specific clothes you may need after the move. It’ll also help you know how to pack your clothes without them getting wrinkled.  If this is too much work, you can skip all this and just pack the way you would if you’re in a hurry.

Be sure to sort items by:

Size- Small items can go into one box and longer clothes are best packed together. Just be sure to carefully label items if you’re mixing and matching them in a box.

Material- Natural and cotton fabrics can crease and you may have to iron them after the move. If you don’t want them to get creased, place them on hangers and put a clothing bag over top. Meanwhile, woolen clothes take up more space and may need a few extra boxes. Polyester and synthetic clothes can be stuffed into boxes without issue as they don’t crease easily. Fold them as you would any other clothes and place them one on top of the other.

Need- If you want to find comfortable clothes right away, having them packed aside from more formal clothing you won’t need right off the bat will help you easily find them. You can actually start doing this well before your move to save time and hassle.

Season- This will help you find and unpack all of the clothes you might need right away, and help you ignore unpacking summer clothes when it’s snowing outside.

Packing Methods for Your Clothing

Going through your closet of unused and unnecessary clothing items is the first step towards moving your clothes. After you’ve decided what to keep, you’ll need to start thinking about how to move these closet items. You can start preparing for the move by gathering necessary closet moving supplies. Here are the main items you will need when packing clothes for a move:

Wardrobe boxes – Wardrobe boxes can come in handy when packing clothes on hangers and items that wrinkle easily. These specialty moving boxes can be found on and in Lowe’s stores.

Cardboard boxes – These boxes can be used for packing folded clothing. Fortunately, you can find them just about anywhere from online stores and marketplaces to big box stores and local recycling centers.  There’s no shortage of cardboard boxes. Also, Southside Moving & Storage can handle all of your box needs.  We offer a variety of boxes that are essential for every item of clothing you need to take with you.

Vacuum/compression bags – These reusable storage bags are a great way to condense clothing items while also protecting them from the outside elements that you may encounter with your local Isle of Wight movers. You can purchase vacuum and compression bags from a number of stores including Target and Walmart.

Suitcases – Suitcases are an excellent, low-cost way to pack folded clothing, shoes and more. If you already have suitcases, we highly recommend using them during your next move.

Duffel bags – Duffel bags are a great way to pack folded clothes and shoes as well. Just be sure to roll your clothes when using duffel bags to better consolidate them.

Ready to Get Packing?

Order your moving boxes directly through Southside Moving & Storage or even allow us to pack AND move your clothes for you.  When it comes to moving, we’re your one stop solution!  

At Southside Moving and Storage, we understand that each and every move is as different, unique, and never the exact same. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to customize and personalize every move we handle to give you a custom moving experience, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need your entire house moved or just your clothes, Southside Moving and Storage will take care of you at a surprisingly affordable rate.  Give us a call at 757-234-7080 for a free estimate today.



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