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Moving To Windsor Virginia - History And Things To Do

Moving home is something that most of us do at least three times in our lifetime. This is strange when you consider it is also supposed to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life. However, this tainted reputation of moving home is perhaps not entirely deserved as there are plenty of things you can do in order to reduce the stress associated with it. If you are moving to Windsor, Virginia, the first thing you have to do is find the best movers Windsor Virginia has to offer. Secondly, you need to get to know your new community. Look into the history of your new home, find out things to do and start mentally preparing yourself. Saying goodbye to your old home, friends and neighbors is never nice. Nevertheless, you will be ready to take on a new and exciting adventure, where you can meet new friends and build a new life.

Finding Windsor Va Moving Companies

Start by working out just what you need from a Windsor Virginia moving company. Think about how much or how little you want them to do, for instance. Other things to consider include whether you will require packing materials, whether you need your items to be in storage for a while and whether you are crossing any state borders. Once you know all of these, you are ready to start looking for one of the best Windsor Va moving companies. The internet is the best place to look for these moving companies. Do try to find a local Windsor Va moving company. This is also because it means you will be supporting the local economy, which will soon be your own local economy. Also use the internet, and particularly social media and websites like the Better Business Bureau, in order to find out what other people have thought of the service they have received.

History of Windsor Virginia

Originally, Windsor was known as Warrosquyoake Shire. This town was founded in 1634 inside the Virginia Colony. Its founders were British King Charles I and the Virginia House of Burgesses. The area was populated by friendly Native American tribes, after whom the town was named. However, the European colonists did not find the name practical or easy to spell and it was changed in honor of the Isle of Wight.

Legend has it that William Mahone, a native from Southampton County and the man responsible for the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad, together with his wife Otelia Butler Mahone, who was incredibly cultured and the daughter of Dr. Robert Botler, came up with the name Windsor. Apparently, the couple were traveling along their railroad and were thinking of names of train stations along the line. Otelia was reading Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. It is from this book that she chose the name Windsor. She also chose the names of Wakefield and Waverly. Interestingly, she wanted to call one town Ivor, after the McIvor Clan, but her husband would not agree and a dispute ensued. Ivor was therefore named Disputanta instead. The railroad was completed in 1858.

William Mahone joined the Confederate Army and took on the position of Major General during the Civil War. Later, he became a Senator in Congress. A significant part of Highway 460, which runs between Petersburg Virginia and Suffolk Virginia, has been named after him.

Things to Do in Windsor Virginia

One of the greatest things about Windsor, Virginia, is that there are so many things to do there. You will never spend a minute of your time being bored, regardless of the weather. Do make sure you speak to your local Windsor Va moving company about some of the spots you definitely should not miss. They tend to have fantastic inside knowledge to help you get settled in to your new community.

Firstly, there are always a lot on in terms of live music. This ranges from anything from a Led Zeppelin experience to the Phantom of the Opera. Various famous bands also regularly perform in Windsor, so if you enjoy music, you are in the right place.

Windsor is also very proud of its local heritage and they want to keep things local as much as possible. As a result, there are frequent farmer's markets where residents can purchase local produce in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The added benefit is that locally grown products are cheaper and, most of all, healthier than anything you can purchase in a chain supermarket or grocery store.

There are also a range of seasonal activities that you can take part in. Choose from things such as skiing, ice skating, pumpkin farms and apple picking. Additionally, there are many hiking trails where you can spend long afternoons or weekends simply strolling and enjoying nature's beauty.

Do also take some time exploring the area that surrounds Windsor Virginia. There is a lot of history to be enjoyed there, relating to the old plantations, the emancipation of slaves and, of course, the Civil War. The Endview Plantation and the Lee Hall Mansion are two examples of great places to go. There are also many museums to choose from, each celebrating a certain piece of heritage, history or arts. The Virginia Living Museum, where you can enjoy a variety of plants and other living things, is certainly not to be missed. There, the entire family can learn about how they can support the environment and ensure the planet is able to sustain itself.

If you are moving to Windsor Virginia, you have a fantastic adventure ahead of you. They say that Virginia is for lovers and you are guaranteed to fall in love with your new surroundings the minute you arrive there. The people are friendly and welcoming and you will be accepted into your new community in an instant. Make sure you speak to the various Windsor Virginia moving companies about anything you need to know about your new locality. Other than that, enjoy the experience and the adventure. You will be settled in before you know it.


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