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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 00:02

Gun Safe Moving, Norfolk Moving Company

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Norfolk VA, Gun Safe Moving

Moving a gun safe can be one of the most strategic moving operations (besides moving a grand piano outside a window on the balcony like you see in the movies).  That’s why it’s critical that you hire an experienced Norfolk VA moving company to handle this extreme task for you (and save your back). Besides that, here are some pointers if you wish to handle this operation by yourself (with family and/or friends):

How to Move a Gun Safe

Part of moving a large gun safe in Norfolk VA is preparing it for the move and having the right equipment available. Most importantly, you need to have a plan in place.  Once you feel that you are ready to start moving a gun safe, make sure it's closed, locked, and concealed. Wrap it in moving blankets to help protect against any possible damages that you may encounter during your gun safe move. You'll want to tape the blankets in place with a strong tape to prevent them from falling off.

With the help of your friends and/or family members, CAREFULLY tilt your safe and slip the 2 wheel (dolly) underneath its bottom. Make sure you secure the gun safe to the dolly with the straps or ropes before moving along your pre-planned path. If you are loading the gun safe onto the back of a moving truck, use a loading ramp to roll the dolly up.  The leverage of wheels on an incline is amazing.

Once the gun safe is in the truck, position it against the wall and securely strap it so it doesn't move during the ride. Whether your move is within your home or another location, reverse your steps to safely unload your gun safe and move it into its new space.


And there you have it: If you acquired all the necessary equipment and a strong group of friends, family, and/or professional Norfolk VA movers to assist your gun safe move, you should be ready to load your gun safe and enjoy its new place. Make sure you remember these tips:

Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It

Get the Proper Equipment to Move a Gun Safe

Identify the Obstacles in the Way of Moving Your Gun Safe

Secure Your Gun Safe Before You Move It

And if challenges present themselves in the planning or execution of your move, call certified professional Norfolk VA movers to give you a quote for moving your heavy-duty gun safe. Most certified Norfolk VA movers have experience moving large and heavy items, as well as navigating any potential obstacles, such as stairs and challenging doorways. We always recommend hiring professional Norfolk VA movers instead of trying to pull off complicated, possibly dangerous moves yourself, such as moving a gun safe.


Call Southside Moving & Storage if you ever run across a large gun safe and we’ll do the job. We offer our impeccable yet affordable services in Norfolk, VA and beyond. For free inquiries or estimates, call us at 757-234-7080!

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